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This was going to be a journal back in June, but my street was hit with a blackout. I figured I might give it a second chance with a nod to the remixes that were made by Jun Senoue, Cash Cash, or OC Remix

10)  Recapitated - An April Fool's Day album containing nothing but remixes of Ice Cap Zone, including a mashup of David Loyd's own Love Hurts with the Ice Cap theme, and the worst remix ever Wild Wild Ice Cap by Liontamer (just him scatting over the theme)

9)  Dreams of an Absolution (BJ vs JS mix) - Arguably Bently Jones at his finest.  Jones and Senoue work together to make Silver's theme all the more memorable.

8)  Lava Passion - A Bonus track for Project Chaos by Xenon Odyssey.  A nice smooth jazz version of the Lava Reef theme.  Listening to this track makes me think of Knuckles just walking though the streets of Chicago on a rainy night after a long night of treasure hunting.  It is also my personal favorite OC Remix

7) The Doomsday as heard in Super Mario Bros Z - This track is essentially a mashup of the Doomsday Zone theme with Snappleman's track from Project Chaos.  This famously appears in Alvin Earthworm's SMBZ series when Mecha Sonic turns into Super Mecha Sonic, during the series equivalent of the Namek saga.

6)  World in Motion - An OC Remix of Sonic Boom heard on Temporal Duality. DusK reimagines the song as trash metal

5) BOSS! - Sonic CD.  How is this a remix?  Simple. Bob Marley's Sun is Shining + Daryl & Hall's I Can't Go For That + Xavier's Work that Sucker to Death

4)  Stranger to Closure - Another remix from Project Chaos.  This time Kanjika takes the ending of Sonic 3 and arranges it similar to Michael Jackson's Stranger in Moscow.

3)  Big Arms (Cash Cash RMX) - Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf remix one of the most well-known final boss themes in Sonic history for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.  This track also throws in a slight shout-out to Mega Man with part of the track sounding like Wily's Theme from Mega Man 2 (Omoide Okkusenman).  One fan was able to mashup the Genesis orginial by Senoue and the Makhlouf Bros. together.  Now we just need to mash this up with Malicious Fingers.

2)  Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs Cash Cash) - Appearing exclusively on the 20th Anniversary Album of Sonic CD, Crush 40 returns and unites with Cash Cash to perform one of the best versions of the classic Mega-CD theme

1)  Open Your Heart K-Klub Remix by Bentley Jones.  Thanks to :iconchakra-x: I can't help but think of this guy:
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