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So while people are getting excited about Sonic Mania and the Sonic Project '17, I should probably talk about some of the myths that appear regarding Sonic.

10)  Wireframe kills. This is one of the more well known myths on here, requiring even Nintendo Power to debunk it.  The myth was that EGM's April 2002 issue had details of how to unlock Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Bros. Melee by killing 20+ wireframes in Cruel Melee.  All it really gets you is a Mr. Resetti trophy.  The myth then took on a new life of its own thanks to Sakurai and Shippiddige.  Shipp used the myth as a backstory to PrinceRok in Smashtasm, frequently seeing Wireframes and having imaginary battles with them.  Sakurai then revealed that Yuji Naka wanted Sonic to appear in Melee and was all for it, but the game was almost completed, so Sonic was cut.  Needless to say, this happened again during Brawl's development, but with Sonic making the cut this time, with the web exploding fifteen times that day.

9)  Sonic Dimensions.  Long story short, this was made by a bored troll who wanted to hype fans up for a new Sonic game by saying that Sonic Generations would be getting a WiiU exclusive sequel, due to the Wii not getting Generations in the first place.  This myth has often been paired with an image from the Sobic X comic by Archie showing multiple Sonics.

8) Shadow 2.  This was actually a joke made by Discoponies for the Sonic Show.  He claimed to have lwaked a trailer for Shadow the Hedgehog 2.  Watching the trailer eeveals tgat it is one of Jibjab's eCards, "Unnecessary Force" but with the heads of Kevin Eva, Svend Jocelynde, Adam Tuff, Shadow, Amy, and Sonic coverring up the placeholder faces in the card.  Discoponies followed this up with Sonic Zombies, which was the Night of the Dead card, using footage from Night of the Living Dead, but with Rouge and Shadow's heads.

7)  Sonic X Season 4.  This was made by fans who wanted closure to some of the threads left open at the end of Sonic X's 3rd and final season.  Such things included using a Polish DVR guide which listed a new episode, but instead showing a previous episode, and fake screencaps, including one made by :iconchaoscroc:.

6)  Sonic 2 Special Edition.  This was basically a series of joke videos about the "lost" Sonic game for 32X, strung together to look like an LP of the game in question.

5)  The Tails Doll.  It was bound to show up in these journals at some point.  This myth states that if you tag everyone on Resort Island as the Tails Doll, from slowest to fastest (Egg Robo, Metal Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Sonic) in the original version of Sonic R, you and the Tails Doll will switch places.  A similar myth is based on the Bloody Mary myth, by singing Living in the City backwards into the mirror.  The myth was debunked in an animation that was featured on the Summer of Sonic website back '06, which can still be found in the media index of the Sonic Stadium.

4)  Chao cookie.  Not a lot of info on this, but this is the Chao equivalent of the Mist Stone that appeared in the early days of Pokémon

3)  Stop the fire.  This myth pertains to the Flame Breath boss that appears midway into Angel Island Act 1.  Allegedly, if one was to beat it fast enough, the fire will not start.  Even if this was possible, it would not solve the problem with the other Flame Breaths in the background.

2) What happened to Shadow?  This is primarily a lot of theories pertaining to how Shadow survived the fall in SA2 and returned in Sonic Heroes.  The stupidest being that he used a chdckpoint before the final battle.

1)  Sonic Adventure 3, coming soon to (insert console here).  Let's be honest:  this is never going to happen... because it has already been released in 2008.

As Sonic Unleashed.

Now before you try to attack me, hear me out.  Sonic Unleashed actually began development with the placeholder name of Sonic Adventure 3.  Adding fuel to the fire is the Japanese title, Sonic World Adventure.
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Know of most of these, but never believed any for a minute.
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