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Halloween is coming around the corner and since it is also Sonic's 25th Anniversary, why the hell not?

10)  Village of the Damned - This is an adaptation of the Wicker Man (1973) by :iconnigelkitching: with art by :iconhandtoeye:.  The plot follows Knuckles to a village on the surface of Mobius, sometime after he helped out Captain Plunder with the Tantaragor.  He comes across a strange inn with unfriendly people except for the bartender.  He wakes in the middle of the night to find a pagan reitual going in led by Mesmer.  Knux rescues the intended sacrifice, but she turns traitor on him sometime later.  Knuckles is now the new sacrifice, but he is able to break free of the cage and release the village of Mesmer's control.  As it turns out, the bartender is in fact Robotnik making sure that Knuckles is out of the picture.

9)  Ben Hurst's original concept of NICOLE.  Had Season 3 been made, we would have learned a startling story behind Sally's compact PC:  she used to be a child prodigy, and Sally's best friend.  Robotnik took notice and had some SWATBots abduct her.  He said that she was selected to participate in a research project, but first he needs to give her some forms for her parents to sign. She agreed and followed him into a room with a machine that he asks if she will let him connect her to, to make sure it'll fit. He proceeds to transfer her consciousness to the computer said machine is hooked up to, killing her original body—that's right, Robotnik just straight-up murdered a child—and leaving Nicole, now an AI, trapped in her handheld. Realizing her death and the fact that she would have to work for Robotnik, she begins to analyze the potential results: strip every sentient being on Mobius of their free will, leaving her completely alone, or make everyone happy at the cost of also removing their free will. She instead suppresses her personality, mind-rapes Robotnik, and manipulates him into handing her over to King Max, who in turn entrusts her to Sally, who's unaware that the AI is all that remains of her best friend. One can only imagine what her parents were going through.  Even though the Archie comics gave her a Lynx form, it is still quite shocking to know that this happened.

8)  This little gem:

7)  Dark Sonic - Simply put, Sonic attempts to go up against Dark Oak, only to play right into his now activated trap card.  Surrounded by so many articial Chaos Emeralds, they begin to suck all the positive energy out of Sonic upon his seeing a KO'd Chris.  Thank goodness that Eggman shows up and chews Dark Oak out with a line that has become the subject of mockery in Sonic Shorts (and in a short that Mike Pollock himself likes).  Imagine if this experiment continued:  Sonic would have become a weapon for the Metarex

6)  Evil Super Sonic - Another of :iconnigelkitching:'s creations, based on both Margaret Thatcher and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  This is Super Sonic under the influence of the negative energy the Chaos Emeralds can hold within.  He originally served as a risky game-changer if Sonic underwent a lot of stress, but after being exposed to the completed set, he became more like an unstoppable force of nature, similar to Brolly from DBZ.  Super Sonic and Sonic were breifly split apart until the events of Sonic Adventure, and now Sonic has to be careful in StC Online not to be too stressed, as seen in Super Sonic Unleased.

5)  Hange Castle/Mystic Mansion - the penultimate zone of Sonic Heroes which is perfect for the Halloween season.  The first is a haunted castle with a gravity flipping gimmick, the second is a haunted mansion with many tricks, treats, and traps.  The levels returned in Shadow the Hedgehog as Cryptic Castle, now with an undead beast rampaging towards the end of the neutral path.

4)  Shadow the Hedgehog - see my review from last year.

3)  Sonic 2's Bad Ending - So you've just beaten Silver Sonic in the Scrambled Egg Zone.  Everything is fine... Wait why are the credits playing?  Did I win?  Wait until the end:  Sonic stops and looks up at the sky to see an image of Tails in the clouds.  You can assume for the worse now:  Eggman may have succeeded in killing Tails!

2)  Sonic.exe - One of the more well-known creepypastas out there involving a disc containing a horrifying psychologically torturing game.  The original story was moved to the Trollpasta Wiki after sometime due to it being bullshit, but the story has since continued to show that the bloody-eyed Sonic is really a demon named X, with an entire cult surrounding him.

1)  Dark Gaia - Not to be confused with Deathtoll from Square-Enix's Gaia trilogy (with the boss being called Dark Gaia in the later two games), this is basically the yang to cute little Chip's yin:  they are earth dieties that are responsible for tectonic movements.  But Eggman just had to wake it up.  Dark Gaia serves as the final boss turning into a monstrosity for the final battle with Super Sonic (and the subject of ridicule by NTom64)
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DrvonSchmeltwick Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I didn't realize Robotnik had so many uvulas...O.o


Hyudoro aren't particularly scary in S3&K, but in Sonic Rivals 2, they really were something...
But SA2's Boos and Boom Boos! Fuck them, they scared the crap out of me, and when the don't jumpscare you, they pull a Redead move and molest you!

...but yeah, if Dark Gaia hadn't been #1, I would've been severely disappointed.
If you wanna make Shadow's game less scary, go here:…
...OK, the Commander is pretty scary at 4:40...
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016
Also I just realized Botnik has a bloody huge jaw bone to inhale Sniv like that. O.O
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2016
Should Sonic.Exe count since he's fanon? Also, didn't know the full story behind Nicole's SATAM concept, but~...basically goes to show Julian Botnik is even MORE of an absolute effhead than we always knew he was. Also just realized the Dr. Ellidy stuff may be a lighter and softer (in comparison) homage to all that stuff.

Also, some scares that always did it for me were the Sandopolis ghosts and Mecha Chuck going borderline feral in an early SATAM ep. There's also all the stuff off-panel body horror we don't see behind the processes of Roboticization, Legionization, Egg Grapes, etc that occasionly pops in our heads. Also, Ro-Becca and Momma Botnik were scary in a "different" kinda way.
Tailikku1 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
1)  The official social media pages have taken note of it.
2)  Hyudoro aren''t that scary.
3)  Those processes have lost their scare factor thanks to certain artists.
4)  Both of them were played for black comedy.
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