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This is for everyone that posts "Thanks for the Fav" or variants of it in my comment feed:  Please don't

I would rather it be for conversations between me and people who come across my page, not a dumping ground for everyone to say thanks to everyone who just drags one of their images to their faves:
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This was going to be a journal back in June, but my street was hit with a blackout. I figured I might give it a second chance with a nod to the remixes that were made by Jun Senoue, Cash Cash, or OC Remix

10)  Recapitated - An April Fool's Day album containing nothing but remixes of Ice Cap Zone, including a mashup of David Loyd's own Love Hurts with the Ice Cap theme, and the worst remix ever Wild Wild Ice Cap by Liontamer (just him scatting over the theme)

9)  Dreams of an Absolution (BJ vs JS mix) - Arguably Bently Jones at his finest.  Jones and Senoue work together to make Silver's theme all the more memorable.

8)  Lava Passion - A Bonus track for Project Chaos by Xenon Odyssey.  A nice smooth jazz version of the Lava Reef theme.  Listening to this track makes me think of Knuckles just walking though the streets of Chicago on a rainy night after a long night of treasure hunting.  It is also my personal favorite OC Remix

7) The Doomsday as heard in Super Mario Bros Z - This track is essentially a mashup of the Doomsday Zone theme with Snappleman's track from Project Chaos.  This famously appears in Alvin Earthworm's SMBZ series when Mecha Sonic turns into Super Mecha Sonic, during the series equivalent of the Namek saga.

6)  World in Motion - An OC Remix of Sonic Boom heard on Temporal Duality. DusK reimagines the song as trash metal

5) BOSS! - Sonic CD.  How is this a remix?  Simple. Bob Marley's Sun is Shining + Daryl & Hall's I Can't Go For That + Xavier's Work that Sucker to Death

4)  Stranger to Closure - Another remix from Project Chaos.  This time Kanjika takes the ending of Sonic 3 and arranges it similar to Michael Jackson's Stranger in Moscow.

3)  Big Arms (Cash Cash RMX) - Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf remix one of the most well-known final boss themes in Sonic history for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.  This track also throws in a slight shout-out to Mega Man with part of the track sounding like Wily's Theme from Mega Man 2 (Omoide Okkusenman).  One fan was able to mashup the Genesis orginial by Senoue and the Makhlouf Bros. together.  Now we just need to mash this up with Malicious Fingers.

2)  Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs Cash Cash) - Appearing exclusively on the 20th Anniversary Album of Sonic CD, Crush 40 returns and unites with Cash Cash to perform one of the best versions of the classic Mega-CD theme

1)  Open Your Heart K-Klub Remix by Bentley Jones.  Thanks to :iconchakra-x: I can't help but think of this guy:
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Halloween is coming around the corner and since it is also Sonic's 25th Anniversary, why the hell not?

10)  Village of the Damned - This is an adaptation of the Wicker Man (1973) by :iconnigelkitching: with art by :iconhandtoeye:.  The plot follows Knuckles to a village on the surface of Mobius, sometime after he helped out Captain Plunder with the Tantaragor.  He comes across a strange inn with unfriendly people except for the bartender.  He wakes in the middle of the night to find a pagan reitual going in led by Mesmer.  Knux rescues the intended sacrifice, but she turns traitor on him sometime later.  Knuckles is now the new sacrifice, but he is able to break free of the cage and release the village of Mesmer's control.  As it turns out, the bartender is in fact Robotnik making sure that Knuckles is out of the picture.

9)  Ben Hurst's original concept of NICOLE.  Had Season 3 been made, we would have learned a startling story behind Sally's compact PC:  she used to be a child prodigy, and Sally's best friend.  Robotnik took notice and had some SWATBots abduct her.  He said that she was selected to participate in a research project, but first he needs to give her some forms for her parents to sign. She agreed and followed him into a room with a machine that he asks if she will let him connect her to, to make sure it'll fit. He proceeds to transfer her consciousness to the computer said machine is hooked up to, killing her original body—that's right, Robotnik just straight-up murdered a child—and leaving Nicole, now an AI, trapped in her handheld. Realizing her death and the fact that she would have to work for Robotnik, she begins to analyze the potential results: strip every sentient being on Mobius of their free will, leaving her completely alone, or make everyone happy at the cost of also removing their free will. She instead suppresses her personality, mind-rapes Robotnik, and manipulates him into handing her over to King Max, who in turn entrusts her to Sally, who's unaware that the AI is all that remains of her best friend. One can only imagine what her parents were going through.  Even though the Archie comics gave her a Lynx form, it is still quite shocking to know that this happened.

8)  This little gem:

7)  Dark Sonic - Simply put, Sonic attempts to go up against Dark Oak, only to play right into his now activated trap card.  Surrounded by so many articial Chaos Emeralds, they begin to suck all the positive energy out of Sonic upon his seeing a KO'd Chris.  Thank goodness that Eggman shows up and chews Dark Oak out with a line that has become the subject of mockery in Sonic Shorts (and in a short that Mike Pollock himself likes).  Imagine if this experiment continued:  Sonic would have become a weapon for the Metarex

6)  Evil Super Sonic - Another of :iconnigelkitching:'s creations, based on both Margaret Thatcher and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  This is Super Sonic under the influence of the negative energy the Chaos Emeralds can hold within.  He originally served as a risky game-changer if Sonic underwent a lot of stress, but after being exposed to the completed set, he became more like an unstoppable force of nature, similar to Brolly from DBZ.  Super Sonic and Sonic were breifly split apart until the events of Sonic Adventure, and now Sonic has to be careful in StC Online not to be too stressed, as seen in Super Sonic Unleased.

5)  Hange Castle/Mystic Mansion - the penultimate zone of Sonic Heroes which is perfect for the Halloween season.  The first is a haunted castle with a gravity flipping gimmick, the second is a haunted mansion with many tricks, treats, and traps.  The levels returned in Shadow the Hedgehog as Cryptic Castle, now with an undead beast rampaging towards the end of the neutral path.

4)  Shadow the Hedgehog - see my review from last year.

3)  Sonic 2's Bad Ending - So you've just beaten Silver Sonic in the Scrambled Egg Zone.  Everything is fine... Wait why are the credits playing?  Did I win?  Wait until the end:  Sonic stops and looks up at the sky to see an image of Tails in the clouds.  You can assume for the worse now:  Eggman may have succeeded in killing Tails!

2)  Sonic.exe - One of the more well-known creepypastas out there involving a disc containing a horrifying psychologically torturing game.  The original story was moved to the Trollpasta Wiki after sometime due to it being bullshit, but the story has since continued to show that the bloody-eyed Sonic is really a demon named X, with an entire cult surrounding him.

1)  Dark Gaia - Not to be confused with Deathtoll from Square-Enix's Gaia trilogy (with the boss being called Dark Gaia in the later two games), this is basically the yang to cute little Chip's yin:  they are earth dieties that are responsible for tectonic movements.  But Eggman just had to wake it up.  Dark Gaia serves as the final boss turning into a monstrosity for the final battle with Super Sonic (and the subject of ridicule by NTom64)
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Again another mixed bag, only with the addition of podcasts

10)  Boxer Hockey - headed by :icontysonhesse:, the most well known part of this comic has spread across the net and the Sonic Stadium under the unofficial nickname of Hedgehog the Sonic.  Simply put, a parody of the Sonic games much like Awesome the Hedgehog.

9)  The Sonic Show - good times, good times.  The series is now 10 years old and has come far from a simple vignette series by Jamie "Discoponies" Mann.  Not only does the show give news regarding to the Sonic series, but it has also been given life as an LP series headed by AAUK.

8)  T-Time - Shout-out to :iconironhedgehog:!  This series was comparable to Radio Redux and the Sonic Hour, headed by Dr. Adam "T-Bird" Tuff and his younger brother Sam "Mini-T" Tuff as a variety series of sorts.  The very first episode had cameo appearances of AAUK and Dreadknux to settle the bet that Dread made upon losing the Wrecks Factor for two years running:  Singing the DK Rap, live over skype.

7)  Sonic Shorts - See my animations journal

6)  Sonicsong128 - A blanket term for the videos by the aforementioned artist.  Not only does it have Ask the Sonic Heroes, but also a series of adventures done with plushies, bunraku style.  The longest of these series is Silver's Never-ending Story, which finally gave closure to Silver's subplot in the videos by way of adapting Michael Ende's classic book, or rather the film based on the first half of it.

5)  DJ Darkspeeds - Elson Wong's own series on SSR.  It like T-Time and the Sonic Show is a variety series, including interviews with fellow-fans and some of the VIPs in the series, including none other than Mike Pollock, the current voice of Eggman.

4)  Get Blue Spheres - Psyguy's own sprite comic take on Sonic 3, adding in a few jokes that would make fans chuckle.  This was before he admitted to being part of a scandal.

3)  There's Something About Tails - :iconprdarkfox:.  Simply put, a mech soldier named Jake ends up in Tails' body during a war against human conquerers.  While the series is sprite based, it makes use of backgrounds used in DOOM and DOOM II to add a sense of depth

2)  The Sonic Hour - Svend "Dreadknux" Joscelynd and his younger brother Rory hosting a variety podcast that began in fall of 2003, ten years after AoStH aired.  Among certain things on the show were a "holy battle" between the brothers while their friend Anarchy Rat commentated on the event.  The next year, Svend did an entire Halloween episode solo, introducing a Stephen Hawking-style take on Yuji Naka (narrated by MS Sam) while Rory was playing Shining Force and GoldenEye 007 in the background.  That same year started Rory's radio drama of Police Lieutenant Smith, a homosexual cop given a holy mission from God and the Buddha to defeat the evil Klaus Van Der Brook and the false God.  It is in this same podcast that Rory made Lyle the Bear, a manly-gay hobo who must defeat the evil king King-&-Ling (two men, three nuts between the both of them), and discussions were made with Rorey Racoon about recent games, including how Erazor Djinn could be one of the least interesting villains in the series, or even how "it was good when he just stood on the bloody butt'n as you fell down the friggin' cliff".

1)  Radio Redux - AAUK's long running podcast that lasted for 8 years since 2006.  AAUK's show contained in its early run a drama series called Chaotix X, a parody of the Princess Bride, Star Trek, and other crime series revolving around Espio, Charmy, and Vector investigating about Paris for information about the Devil Chao and his secret Weapon.  The series came to its long awaited end in the podcast's final episode.  AAUK even took the time to invite friends onto the show including Svend, Adam, Elson, :iconimagni:, DiGi VALENTiNE, Ben Campian or Alzari as he was known in Reality Redux and Sonic Wrecks, and his ex-girlfriend Echo Hawk.  One notable episode of the show was in season 2 where AAUK took over the Sonic Show, stuffing Discoponies in a chest and making it an official crossover.  As I have stated before, this episode finally kept the fans pacified for The Suffering Doomed Shadow Show pt 2 that was promised since the show's first episode and even played Dreams of an Absolution after so long.  The most notable part of the series was the Wrecks Factor, based on the popular X-Factor series.  Among the seasons of the Wrecks Factor, four judges were chosen: Demyx (as usual), Svend, Sofia "Ram the Dragon" Ray, and Bently Jones, in a move that paralleled American Idol that same year with Randy, Simon, Ellen, and Paula.
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So while people are getting excited about Sonic Mania and the Sonic Project '17, I should probably talk about some of the myths that appear regarding Sonic.

10)  Wireframe kills. This is one of the more well known myths on here, requiring even Nintendo Power to debunk it.  The myth was that EGM's April 2002 issue had details of how to unlock Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Bros. Melee by killing 20+ wireframes in Cruel Melee.  All it really gets you is a Mr. Resetti trophy.  The myth then took on a new life of its own thanks to Sakurai and Shippiddige.  Shipp used the myth as a backstory to PrinceRok in Smashtasm, frequently seeing Wireframes and having imaginary battles with them.  Sakurai then revealed that Yuji Naka wanted Sonic to appear in Melee and was all for it, but the game was almost completed, so Sonic was cut.  Needless to say, this happened again during Brawl's development, but with Sonic making the cut this time, with the web exploding fifteen times that day.

9)  Sonic Dimensions.  Long story short, this was made by a bored troll who wanted to hype fans up for a new Sonic game by saying that Sonic Generations would be getting a WiiU exclusive sequel, due to the Wii not getting Generations in the first place.  This myth has often been paired with an image from the Sobic X comic by Archie showing multiple Sonics.

8) Shadow 2.  This was actually a joke made by Discoponies for the Sonic Show.  He claimed to have lwaked a trailer for Shadow the Hedgehog 2.  Watching the trailer eeveals tgat it is one of Jibjab's eCards, "Unnecessary Force" but with the heads of Kevin Eva, Svend Jocelynde, Adam Tuff, Shadow, Amy, and Sonic coverring up the placeholder faces in the card.  Discoponies followed this up with Sonic Zombies, which was the Night of the Dead card, using footage from Night of the Living Dead, but with Rouge and Shadow's heads.

7)  Sonic X Season 4.  This was made by fans who wanted closure to some of the threads left open at the end of Sonic X's 3rd and final season.  Such things included using a Polish DVR guide which listed a new episode, but instead showing a previous episode, and fake screencaps, including one made by :iconchaoscroc:.

6)  Sonic 2 Special Edition.  This was basically a series of joke videos about the "lost" Sonic game for 32X, strung together to look like an LP of the game in question.

5)  The Tails Doll.  It was bound to show up in these journals at some point.  This myth states that if you tag everyone on Resort Island as the Tails Doll, from slowest to fastest (Egg Robo, Metal Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Sonic) in the original version of Sonic R, you and the Tails Doll will switch places.  A similar myth is based on the Bloody Mary myth, by singing Living in the City backwards into the mirror.  The myth was debunked in an animation that was featured on the Summer of Sonic website back '06, which can still be found in the media index of the Sonic Stadium.

4)  Chao cookie.  Not a lot of info on this, but this is the Chao equivalent of the Mist Stone that appeared in the early days of Pokémon

3)  Stop the fire.  This myth pertains to the Flame Breath boss that appears midway into Angel Island Act 1.  Allegedly, if one was to beat it fast enough, the fire will not start.  Even if this was possible, it would not solve the problem with the other Flame Breaths in the background.

2) What happened to Shadow?  This is primarily a lot of theories pertaining to how Shadow survived the fall in SA2 and returned in Sonic Heroes.  The stupidest being that he used a chdckpoint before the final battle.

1)  Sonic Adventure 3, coming soon to (insert console here).  Let's be honest:  this is never going to happen... because it has already been released in 2008.

As Sonic Unleashed.

Now before you try to attack me, hear me out.  Sonic Unleashed actually began development with the placeholder name of Sonic Adventure 3.  Adding fuel to the fire is the Japanese title, Sonic World Adventure.
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The first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list!
If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list

First is

1. :icontf-squaresting:  Collab Comic (Dara's Day) by TF-SquareSting Ellie's Strange Life - Intro by TF-SquareSting Collab Remakes by TF-SquareSting
2. :iconmathieutrudelle: Shitkisekae Need To Stop by mathieutrudelle Sonia Story1 by mathieutrudelle Ask Us Evrything 1 by mathieutrudelle
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Summer has officially arrived (6/21) and people are already hitting the beach.  So why not cover some of the tropical zones featured in the Sonic franchise?

10)  Emerald Coast - SA1.  Aahhh, so many memories from the Target kiosk demo.  Emerald Coast fits the mold of a tropical zone by taking place at a beach resort located near Station Square.  Both halves feature porpoising dolphins (I think Ecco is one of them), while the first one has a rampaging orca.

9)  Palmtree Panic - Sonic CD.  This zone helps act as a bridge between Sonic's world and the Little Planet by way of the giant loop at the beginning of the stage.  The music in the Japanese and PAL versions helps set up the feel of hitting the beach and there's a party going.  Spencer Nilsen's music however makes it feel like you have arrived in Sarasota, FL or Miami Beach.

8)  Angel Island - Sonic 3 & Knuckles.  It partially counts because of the opening half of Act 1.  Everything is lush and green, with a splendid view of the ocean.  But then the Flam Mobile appears and set fire.

7)  Seaside Hill / Ocean Palace - Sonic Heroes.  Sega knew what they were doing by making the first level an homage to the GHZ and Emerald Coast.  This time, they have expanded to include giant sea turtles, go-karts, and booby traps.

6)  Emerald Hill - Sonic 2.  A step up from the GHZ in some ways.  This Zone set up the archetype of having bees, fish, and monkeys act as main enemies in the stage.

5)  Neo Green Hill - Sonic Advance.  This Zone takes tropical to the next level by starting you off on a beach before running down a short road and seeing the classic checkerboard pattern.

4)  Tropical Resort - Sonic Colors.  Even though this is part of Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park, it fits the bill of being a tropical zone.  This zone acts as the intro to how the game will play out and serves as the central hub

3)  Hidden Islands - Sonic Rush Adventure.  A bit of a strange title, but it is these islands that have an illustrious oceanic view coupled with an instrumental version of "A New Venture".  Even better is the final hidden island, #20, which is a remake of Leaf Storm Act 1 from the original Sonic Rush, but now with a tropical backdrop.

2)  Sunset Hill - Sonic Advance 3.  This zone could have worked as the first Zone in the game, but that honor goes to Route 99.  This zone has a bit of a nostalgia factor to it by way of music and gimmics.  Beating Act 3 will unlock Knuckles as a playable character to help Sonic and Tails out in stopping Eggman's latest plot.

1)  Green Hill - Sonic the Hedgehog.  Sega really likes using this zone as a representative of Sonic.  It's hard not to think Sonic without picturing this zone.  In the Master System and GG versions, Act 2 takes place in a cave system where one of the Emeralds is hidden.  SA2 remakes Act 1 in 3D and makes it more suitable for Sonic's playstyle.  Sonic Generations made 3 stages altogether across versions with the 3DS version's Act 1 being a perfect port of the original Genesis Act 1.
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As I sit here typing on the eve of my 24th Birthday and the night of my sister's highschool graduation, I remember that today in 2004, Sonic Advance 3 was released, marking the end of an era.

10)  Super Genesis Wave - Archie.  Thanks to Penderp, Ian had to find a way to work things out for the comic else see it shut down by a mad writer.  His solution:  Wily and Eggman power up the Genesis Wave to rewrite history.  However, it's Sonic who uses it to change the course of history, but not in a good way.  As of Issue 256, gone are all the characters made by Bollers, Penderp, Kanterovich, and Spaz.  Now it's only the initial cast from SatAM, AoStH, and the games cast.  Sonic himself doesn't even know what happened to the Mobius he knew

9)  Cosmo's Death - Sonic X.  I've already been through this twice.

8)  Tails New Home - AoStH.  This episode was later given a retelling in the pilot episode of Sonic Boom.  In the episode, Sonic is searching for a new adoptive family for Tails because he ended up getting hurt during a fight with the SSSSS Squad.  Sonic manages to find Tails' "real family" and then becomes depressed, remembering the day he first met the kit.  No kid should have to see their favorite hero get depressed.

7)  Anything involving Uncle Chuck - SatAM.  Chuck is a tragic character all in all with SatAM and the earlier comics.  He was the one who invented the roboticizer to save his dying brother Jules.  But then he was made into one of the first victims thanks to Robotnik's coup.  Ultra Sonic and Sonic Conversion but have the dilemma of Chuck regaining his freewill, only to be forcibly separated from Sonic for some reason.  What makes it sadder is when his voice actor, Bill Windom passed away in 2012.

6)  Deem Bristow's passing - this was the end of an era for Sega.  Deem was the voice of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik since the original Sonic Adventure.  Ryan Drummond, the voice of Sonic, once stated that Deem was as good an actor as he was a man.  Deem passed away a few weeks after the recording sessions for Sonic Advance 3 were finished.

5)  The Death of Johnny Lightfoot - StC. :iconnigelkitching: at his best.  Johnny was killed in battle during the fight with Chaos, but a fatal error was the last he would make when trying to save Sonic.  Because of Johnny's death, Sonic breifly quit the Freedom Fighters, blaming himself for what happened.  StC online plays this up with Johnny's death being a plotpoint.  In Amy's first solo story, a nightmare demon attacks her in Johnny's form.  When Oscura and Sonic switched bodies, he began to play with Sonic's fears and emotions, including his hydrophobia, his arachnaphobia, Johnny's death, and Chaos.  I have also brought up the memorial erected in his honor in the story "In Memory"

4)  Tikal - SA1. The subplot in the original Sonic Adventure has Tikal warp the players back to the past of Angel Island to see the origin of Chaos.  As it turned out, Chaos was a monster with a heart of gold who whatched over the Chao living at the Emerald Shrine.  Tikal became good friends with Chaos, but then Pachacamac arrived with his best warriors to raid the Altar.  Tikal watched the carnage from the side as her father killed the Chao and Chaos transform into a beast, killing her father.  Her last option was to seal way Chaos.

3)  Maria - SA2.  I've already went in depth about her in the Females journal.

2)  Dear My Friend - Sonic Unleashed.  One of the best ending themes in the franchise about Chip/Light Gaia and Sonic becoming friends over the course of healing the planet after Eggman unleashed Dark Gaia.  While the visuals in the HD version are funny (compared to the Wii version going the way of Sonic Heroes by playing the cutscenes in a corner), it's still sad as Chip had to seal himself and Dark Gaia back into the earth.  The song is even sung from Chip's POV.

1)  Emerl's episode - Sonic Battle.  The final story in the game.  Emerl has all 7 Chaos Emeralds, but now Eggman is ready to reveal his ace-in-the-hole:  He has mounted the Final Egg Blaster (which may or may not be greater than or equal to the Starkiller in terms of power) onto the Death Egg.  Sonic and Emerl decide that the Gizoid should go and take on Eggman as a "thank you" for all the things going on.  Emerl beats Eggman, but then he forces Emerl to press the button.  The FEB destroys several stars, and causes Emerl to awaken as the machine that caused the Arrgus Incident.  Before he loses his sanity, Emerl calls for help.  "Power... Overflowing... Can't hold it in... Can't hold it in... Sonic... Shadow... Help... In such pain... Mom... It hurts... The pain..."  Sonic arrives onto the Death Egg with the Master Emerald and is horrified that Emerl shatters it easily.  Sonic then proceeds to thrash the Gizoid with 30 seconds on the clock to save the planet.

I would end this here, but no!  I am not the person to leave you sad.

10)  Big the Cat - SA1.  Admit it, you got a few chuckles out of this guy's ridiculous plot.  A game of cat and mouse, with fishing.  The ending makes it seem as though he and Froggy have been doing this for a long time, and may even continue this into the future.

9)  Fan Art - SatBK.  A couple examples will be linked:
Black Knight Contest Entry by Ade-AndaRio<da:thumb id="116750120"/> Sonic and the Black Knight by zak29 SatBK Contest Entry - SSGF by Gryphon-HB DarkSpine sonic transformation by mmishee SatBK winner: Sonic CD by ThePandamis Live and Learn by MolochTDL Showdown by Rapid-the-Hedgehog S and the BK Fan Art entry by EvanStanley
Sonic in the Scrap Brain Zone by gsilverfish SatBK Contest SONIC HEROES by theEyZmaster We've got a winner here by ShockRabbit
TheGreatestInTheHistoryOf EVER by KACItheCAT SatBK Contest Entry - Doomsday by IronHedgehog
That's right, these are the winning entries that can be found on dA.

8)  You're My Hero - Sonic 3D.  Richard Jacques' ending theme to Sonic's main title on the Saturn.  Beleive it or not, this song is not so much about a random Flicky, but rather, it's about Amy Rose during the events of Sonic CD, about her rescue from being captured by Metal Sonic.

7)  Fans work on the games.  Now it's worth noting that my hacks journal mention the smartphone versions of Sonic 1-2.  Well, Sonic CD got a similar treatment when it was released on XBLA, PSN, and Steam, being reprogrammed from the ground up by Christian Whitehead and Stealth for modern specs.  Now we just need a rerelease of Sonic 3 & Knuckles by the same duo.

6)  Sonic Generations.  The best game in recent memory, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sonic by acknowledging that it's Sonic's birthday and brings back the Genesis versions of Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik/Eggman.

5)  Shadow's Promise - SA2, OW THE EDGE.  So she's just been shot, but she still has the strength to confide a final wish to Shadow.  "For all the people on that planet... give them a chance to be happy!"  Bear in mind that she was already terminally ill with NIDS before the soldier shot her.  Shadow's promise was corrupted by Gerald in one of his insane fits, but it was restored when Amy's chewing out of Shadow reminded him of Maria.

4)  Eggman's Little Secret - OW THE EDGE.  A hard one to find in the game, but you can only find it by prolonging the final battle with Devil Doom for seven minutes.  Eggman chimes in with a final boost of encouragement, which helps explain why Shadow came back in Sonic Heroes:  Eggman sent a robot to rescue him after the final battle with the Biolizard.

3)  Summer of Sonic.  A Fan convention held nearly every year in England to celebrate Sonic's birthday, starting in 2006 as a tribute site by Svend "Dreadknux" Joscelyne before Kevin "AAUK" Eva took to upgrading it to a fullblown convention in 2008.  In 2011, Crush40 got to perform live for all their fans.  Recently we have gotten a successful kickstarter for the 25th anniversary convention this very month.

2)  Online comic continuations.  These are a labor of love from the fans who want to see the original work continue for a modern fanbase.  Such was the case with StC Online, picking up where Kitching's storyline ended with Sonic Adventure and continuing with all new stories starring Sonic and the gang.  A new comic has taken this idea to the next step by placing itself in an alternate universe of the Archie storyline where the SGW never occurred.  Read all about it in the upcoming Mobius Legends
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After a long hiatus of these journals, I finally return with the last few.

10)  Sonic The Beginning (Miniseries 1-4) by Mike Gallagher.  These comics follow Sonic as he begins the long-running battle against Dr. Julian Robotnik and uncover a spy within Knothole.

9)  This Island Hedgehog (Issue 13) by Mike Kanterovich and Penderp. Serving as an adaptation of Sonic 3, Sonic and Tails arrive at Angel Island and are ambushed by an Assualting Batter Blimp as well as a fist-shaped rocket with an unwelcome-mat.  After losing consciousness, they meet Knuckles who has them tied up and itching to interrogate them about how they found the island.  As it turns out, Robotnik and Snively got there first and tricked Knuckles.  While Knuckles was away interrogating the duo, Robotnik stole the Emerald and prepared to use it to power the Death Egg.  Knuckles wises up and teams up stopping the villains.

8) Go Ahead... Mecha My Day! (Issue 25). See my adaptations journal.

7)  I am the Eggman (Issue 75) by Karl Bollers.  The main story sees the Freedom Fighters discover the shocking truth behind the return of Robotnik, following his defeat in Endgame:  he's Robo-Robotnik (now called Eggman).  Eggman then proceeds to tell how he managed to end up at Mobius Prime.  He eventually uncovered the pieces of the Giant Borg and destroyed his version of Mobius, before learning about what happened to Julian.  Eggman then launches an attack on Mobotropolis but is eventually destroyed by Sonic.  At the end of the issue, Eggman's programming downloads into a new body (now his current one as of the SGW).

6)  Sonic Adventure. see the previous journal

5)  Mecha Madness and Court Martial (issue 39, Special, and 40) by Mike Gallagher.  The story that set off the long pre-SGW storyline.  Sonic requests being roboticized in order to act as a spy, similar to what they had in mind with Sally earlier on in the comic.  He is denied and begins to vent his frustration in the gym, only to be KO'd by Fang the Sniper.  Fang takes Sonic to Robotnik and has him roboticized into Mecha Sonic, who then proceeds to defeat Bunnie (who declares herself a Confederate supporter) and Knuckles.  Knuckles then decides to do what Sonic wanted to do in the first place: willing roboticization with a neural overrider.  Now, Mecha Knuckles dukes it out with Mecha Sonic and wins the battle, but Mecha Sonic is losing his life and will become an empty shell.  He is returned to normal thanks to Knuckles using the Millionth Ring on Sonic.  But now, Sonic has been declared a war criminal and is taken to jail to wait his trial.  It is in the courtroom that Antoine's cheese-eating surrender-monkey attitude is dialled all the way down to 0 and becomes a strait up jerkass, pestering the witnesses and barely giving them time to answer.  Sonic's defense is soon declared guilty, but he is given a chance to redeem himself by Sally:  find Fang.  Sonic sets out to the Badlands and finds
the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill, where Fang is hiding.  Sonic eventually manages to apprehend Fang and pilot the Marvelous Queen back to Knothole, proving his innocence and punishing Antoine.

4)  The Eggman Empire (Issue 175) by :iconianflynnbkc:.  Up until now Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman have been fighting for one hundred and seventy four issues. Every time they've fought, Sonic has found some way to win the day. This issue, however, Dr. Eggman pulls out all the stops and you'll never believe what happens. It's a 175th anniversary issue fans can't miss and one that Sonic may prefer to forget!

3)  Turnabout is Fair Play (issue 200) by :iconianflynnbkc:.  The epic anniversary issue you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Back in Sonic #50, Sonic managed to win against his arch-rival, Dr. Robotnik. In Sonic #175, the doctor got his revenge! Now they duel for the fate of the world! Will freedom come to Mobius? Or will the Eggman Empire rule forever more? Place your bets – but be ready for the startling conclusion! Don’t miss this cranium-creasing, brain-bending, mind-blowing saga!

2)  Worlds Collide (covered in both Sonic and Mega Man).  At long last, two of gaming's biggest icons unite to fight for the fate of their worlds.  It is here that Eggman and Wily form a bromance between evil geniuses, creating a new battleship originally called the Wily Egg, but then the Egg O'War.  This is also the last story in the original continuity, the comic would then continue into a new continuity which resembles the games rather than the American cartoons.

1)  EndGame (issues 47-50) all by Penderp.  This is the most wll-known story to be set in the old continuity.  Sonic is framed for the crime of murdering Sally and is set to the Devil's Gulag, a maximum security prison.  It is eventually revealed that the "Sonic" at the time of Sally's death was actually Hershey the Cat wearing a hood that makes her look like Sonic, but see everyone as Snively.  It was a set-up by Drago the Wolf, a member of Lupe's pack, having been hired by Robotnik.  Robotnik then takes over Knothole and prepares to send the population to the roboticizer.  Sonic meanwhile managed to escape getting to the Gulag, hitching a ride from Dulcy and landing on Angel Island.  Knuckles rudely greets his rival and knocks-out Dulcy, just as St. John arrives to recapture Sonic.  Snively has a document forged to make it seem as though Sally is dead, forcing said forger, Dr. Quack, to do as he says.  Sonic eventually is attacked by Espio, but then Dulcy reveals that Sonic is telling the truth.  Sonic, the Downunda FFs, Antoine, Bunnie, Hershey, the Chaotix, and Dulcy launch an attack on Robotropolis, ending with this image:
Sonic emerges victorious as Robotnik is erased from existence from his superweapon, the Ultimate Annihilator.  With Robotnik's tyranny gone, Mobius is freed forever.  Sonic learns from Dr. Quack that Sally is in a coma, and can only be woken with true-love's kiss.  Sonic does so, and they live happily ever after...
...or so they think.
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This is a mixed bag because it can either be in the comics or in animation.

10)  Sonic 2 - Adapted in Sonic Quest 1-3:  The Death Egg Saga by Mike Gallagher.  These three issues (costing a buck-fifty in 1996) involve Robotnik piloting his newest superweapon to over Mobius to enstill fear into all that oppose him.  Sonic & Tails head off to stop the Eggman by storming the weapon itself.  Knuckles, the Chaotix, and Archimedes the Fire-ant help fight off Robotnik's forces on Angel Island, until the Death Egg lands on the volcano, causing it to sink into the sea.  Sonic makes it on board and fights against Silver Sonic, electricuting him and making him into a mechsuit to fight against the Eggs-o-Skeleton.  The heroes are victorius and the time of End Game draws near thanks to the King's critical condition.

9)  Sonic Spinball - Adapted as Attack on the Pinball Fortress.  The only episode of AoStH to be based on a game.  The episode sees Robotnik create a "Stupidity Ray," which he would use on Sonic to make him too dumb to fight back, and make the Mobian population to stupid not to accept Robotnik as leader.  During its initial test run, Sonic zooms past a foot soldier questioning orders from Sgt. Doberman and a doubting customer of Wes Weasley.  The grunt accepts orders without question and the customer falls sucker.  Once Robotnik leaves the scene, the two scramble for the gun, only for Sonic to smash it.  Robotnik then reveals that he has a bigger one built into the Veg-O-Fortress, a fortress that Weasley helped design.  So Doberman and Weasley are forced to team up to storm the base.  A false move sends the heroes into the Lava Powerhouse where Robotnik unleashes Boss Scorpius.  Sonic saves Doberman from the monstrosity, a fact that was later mentioned in the final episode "Hero of the Year."  Once they make it to the keep, Robotnik, Wes, and Doberman attack each other, but Sonic manages to turn the tides and zaps Robotnik with his own weapon.

8)  Sonic CD - as adapted by :iconnigelkitching:.  This adaptation of Sonic CD, known as "The Sonic Terminator" was the first story to feature Metallix.  It initially begins with a standard plot typical in StC with the Freedom Fighters up against Robotnik's enforcers, and receiving aid from Capt. Plunder.  After Amy is abducted by Metallix, Sonic heads to Never Lank and the Miracle Planet to fight the Badnik.  This eventually leads to a stable timeloop where Sonic goes back in time and destroys a generator, creating a grandfather paradox on Metallix.

7)  Sonic CD - Adapted in Sonic 25 by Mike Gallagher.  A landmark issue from 1995.  Sonic has a chip implanted into his sneakers by Rotor so that the Freedom Fighters can monitor him.  Tails arrives and tells that a new zone has just appeared:  Collision Chaos.  It is a zone of Robotnik's design based on the Emerald City.  After tampering with the Archie mailbag, Robotnik abducts Amy and uses her as bait for his newest weapon.  Sonic heads to the zone, chased by Snively in a Robotnik disguise.  It is here in the Stardust Speedway Zone that Sonic meets Metal Sonic (here called Mecha Sonic, but we will know him in the time before the SGW as Shard) and races him.  Sonic wins the race as Sally saves Amy.  A notable change was made when this comic was reprinted in the Archives, as Sally's comment about Princess Diana is changed to Princess Leia, partly due to Di's passing in 1997.

6)  Sonic 3D as adapted by :iconnigelkitching: - What begins as a story that adapts Sonic 3D soon turns into the first appearance of the Drakon Empire.  It begins with Robotnik setting up a base on Flicky Island and using the native birds as organic batteries for a new line of Badniks.  Sonic and Tails soon arrive on the Island and prepare to fight Robotnik... only for a Drakon Prosecutor to appear and abduct Robotnik.  The story would continue in the Evil Empire where Sonic is put in Trial by Combat against the Knuckles Metallix (aka Metal Knuckles).  Sonic wins and goes free.

5) Chaotix - Adapted in the Chaotix special by Mike Kanterovich and Penderp.  This story has the Freedom Fighters (including the Substitutes) visiting the Happyland Amusement Park on Angel Island.  Knuckles admits that he never sent the invite, and that it was Renfield T Rodent that sent it.  It turns out to be a trap laid by Robotnik as he traps the FF into funhouse mirrors and drains Knux of his abilities.  Knuckles then meets up with the Chaotix (in order, Charmy, Espio, Vector, Mighty, Heavy & Bomb).  The two bots reveal a Power Gem and give it to Knuckles.  The Chaotix then fight Metal Sonic, who was summoned by Robotnik mid-gloat, eventually defeating Titan Metal Sonic.  Knuckles fittingly gets to spar with Titan Metal, regaining his Powers while still under the effects of a Power Gem.  The FF are freed and Renfield is arrested.  Sonic then commends Knuckles and helps establish Team Chaotix

4)  Sonic Adventure as adapted by :iconnigelkitching: - This was the final story to be printed in the original run of StC.  Sonic and the Freedom Fighters head to Metropolis City to fight a mysterious enemy that enstills fear to all that look upon him.  This is Chaos, who was released by Grimer from a container found on the Floating Island.  Grimer unleashed Chaos because Robotnik had been falling into a suicidal depression following the events of Lew Stringer's last story, Game Over, so engaging Sonic  in a new threat would help bring his master out of this depression.  The first fight with Chaos has Sonic end up with green eyes, which is only a cosmetic change made only to update Sonic's design in the comic, and Johnny Lightfoot brutally murdered by the beast (shocking the editors and readers, but was perfectly planned by Kitching).  Sonic is soon pulled into Mobius' past by Tikal and sees the start of the war against the Drakon Empire and the creation of both the Chaos Emeralds and Chaos himself.  Knuckles in the Present is forced to sink his own island.  Sonic finally returns to the present in time to fight Chaos in the last battle, when Super Sonic arrives and drains the energy from the monster, reducing him to the Drakon he once was and throwing him into a pond near Big the Cat.  Ebony manages to recombine Sonic and the Super Powered demon and the comic concludes after sseven long years of a biweekly release format.

3)  Sonic Adventure - as adapted by Penderp.  I can't beleive that the worst writer on here managed to make a better adaptation of Sonic Adventure than Nigel.  But the Archie version of SA1 is perfect translation of the game, even going far as to explain how Amy's design changed, and why Eggman looks different this time around.

2)  Sonic Adventure - as adapted in Sonic X.  Again with SA1, this time in animated form.  The only key differences is that Eggman has his robotic lackies Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun helping out,  Epislon is cut out, Amy names her bird Lily and is tagged along with Cream, and Chris joins Big in his Froggy hunt.

1)  Sonic Adventure 2 - as adapted in Sonic X.  Taking place right after SA1, this adaptation proves to be the most faithful, and has Rouge finally join the side of good and introduces Shadow to the cast.  Interestingly enough, the concept of Sonic and Shadow both sharing a voice actor dates to the origina; recording sessions for SA2 the game, where Ryan Drummond read for the two hedgehogs.   The anime builds up to the best way to include game music:  Super Sonic and Shadow vs. Final Hazard all set to Live & Learn.
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A good chunk of what is considered canon in the Sonic series originated in animation.  So to give a good example, here are 10 must watch episodes featuring our favorite Hedgehog.

10)  Heads or Tails - SatAM Pilot.  Kicking off the list is the very first episode of the best show in the series.  The story begins with who's gonna win arriving in Robotropolis and being greeted by Snively.  Robotnik sends out a Shreikbot to monitor Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.  In Knothole, the FFs are working on catapults but are missing the cotter-pins needed.  Sonic nominates himself and Tails to head into Robotropolis to get them, packing a Power Ring.  The Shreikbot relays a message from Robotnik that both he and the Power Rings will be in Robotnik's clutches by the end of the day.  Sonic and Tails find their pins but are cornered by Robotnik and a roboticized Muttski.  They escape and launch the first attack against Robotnik's Buzzbombers the next day, stalling the tyrant's plans for the time being.

9)  Boogie Mania - AoStH 27.  This episode has gotten a lot of popularity thanks to the simple phrase of "Snooping as usual, I see."  In the episode, Scratch and Grounder capture Von Schlemmer and Tails and force the scientist to turn his Dream-a-majig into a Nightmare machine.  Using this Robotnik will be able to unleash the Boogeyman on Mobius, terrorizing the good people to accept him as leader.  Sonic obviously wants none of that and heads into Dreamsville to find a way to stop the monster:  an acid-reflux nightmare-created monster.

8)  The Adventures of Knuckles & Hawk - Sonic X 17.  Knuckles goes to meet Hawk, a human he met who claims to have the Red Chaos Emerald. However, Knuckles must contend with several monsters first, then the threat of both Rouge the Bat and the robot E-91 Kunoichi/Lady Ninja.  What happens is a back and forth struggle over the Emerald, ending with the destruction of Lady Ninja.

7)  Countdown to Chaos - Sonic X 26.  The finale of Season 1.  With Chris as his prisoner, Eggman goes out to meet Lucky who has found the final Chaos Emerald. However, Eggman comes under attack by Sonic and several government robots. Lucky gives the seventh Chaos Emerald to Sonic. Unwilling to be pushed around, Eggman transforms the Egg Fort II into E-99 Egg Emperor/Eggsterminator.   Sonic can outrun it easily, but then Eggman powers it up with a small amount of power from each of his six Chaos Emeralds.  The government robots are destroyed, and Sonic starts to get pulverized by the super fast robot. However, the E-99 starts to take in too much power from the Emeralds and starts going out of control, while still pummeling Sonic. All bruised and beaten up, Sonic is finally thrown into the sea. Chris, unable to bear the sight, breaks free of his restraints and grabs the Chaos Emeralds, jumping out the window. He is caught by Rouge, but the Chaos Emeralds fall into the sea. Chaos Control suddenly builds, as the six Chaos Emeralds dropped by Chris join with the seventh one still in Sonic's hand. Sonic emerges as Super Sonic (the first time Sonic is in his super form, according to the series and the surprised looks of his friends' faces) and destroys E-99. Sonic then heals the wounded Chris in a white void, and tells him that he can finally go back to his own world.  Chris declines, and both of them head back to Station Square.  Also notable is that this episode is the first time that Hikaru Michi is heard.

6)  It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog - Sonic Boom 44.  It's already late in the first season, but it has recently been picked up for another season.  Eggman's particle accelerator goes missing. He accuses Sonic of the crime, pointing out chilidog scraps in the lair. When Sonic is also framed for stealing from the villagers, he and Knuckles each begin a search to find the perpetrator. Sonic goes undercover as "Bob" and befriends Earl, a factory work who is prone to being hit in the head with horseshoes in the middle of conversations. Sonic manages to defeat the thief with horseshoes and the mastermind behind him is revealed.  It's Metal Sonic!

5)  The Fastest Thing in Time - AoStH 37-40.  Four separate episodes of AoStH which make up a larger arc all animated by TMS.  In these four episodes, Robotnik goes back in time to find the four legendary Chaos Emeralds, which allow him to become invisible, invulnerable, immortal, and grant him the ability to create life.  Sonic hears of this from Dr. Caninestein, one of Robotnik's prisoners.  In each episode, Sonic and Tails visit a different period of time, to fight Robotnik, taking them to the golden age of Piracy, the middle ages, Ancient Mobigypt, and prehistoric times.  The final episode also sees a "super form" for Robotnik called the Supreme High Robotnik, who later appeared in StC but envisioned differently by Nigel Kitching.

4)  It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog - Sonic Boom 52.  The season finale, and Orbot and Cubot know it.  This episode features what is essentially the show's Rogue's Gallery consisting of Eggman, his badniks, Burnbot, Charlie, Barker, Dave the Intern, and the Lightning Bolt Society.  It at first begins with team-building exercises on defeating Sonic, but then Shadow arrives and leads an all-out attack.  This is all while Sonic and the gang are trying to assemble a Norwegian entertainment center, with a missing screw.  What results are some of the funniest lines said by Eggman.

3)  Blast to the Past - SatAM 17-18.  These two episodes from Season 2 show Sonic and Sally heading back 10 years into the past to prevent Robotnik's coup de tat.  It is here that we learn of Sonic and Sally's childhood, who made the Roboticizer, and how did Robotnik take over.  It was an inside job as Robotnik was the minister of war.

2)  So Long Sonic - Sonic X 78.  The series finale of the anime.  After a climactic battle against Final Nova, Sonic dives into the void in an attempt to find something that resembles the Cosmo they knew back.  Amy dives in after him to rescue him, as he brings with him a white seed.  Tails is of course upset since he was forced to kill her in the previous episode.  He finally falls into Sonic's arms, punching him and crying to him that he could bring her back and that he believed in him as they fly away. Near the end of the episode, Bokkun gives Chris a letter, which surprisingly was not rigged. When Chris arrives at the location he was supposed to go to, Eggman shows Chris an egg-shaped pod that will take him home, but there's a catch: Chris only has three minutes to return home, or else he could be stuck in Sonic's world forever. Chris has no time to say goodbye to his friends, just as Eggman planned. Chris then leaves Sonic's universe via Eggman's pod. Once Chris is gone from sight, Eggman says that with Chris out of the way, he can continue in his creation of the Eggman Empire. Sonic's gang proceeds to seek revenge, while Shadow is seen placing a flower near a grave, presumably Molly's grave. After the gang sets off, a pot with the seed (apparently the one Sonic found) is shown, meaning that resurrection of Cosmo could be possible.  But it never happened due to the negative reaction of the dub, and that the third season never aired in Japan, only appearing on DVD.

1)  Showdown in Space - Sonic X 38.  The highest point in the anime by far.  This episode adapts the Final Story of SA2, with a few tweaks here and there (notably Chris reminding Shadow of Maria's promise).  It soon comes to Sonic and Shadow turning into their Super Forms and fighting the Final Hazard... but nothing is working.  Hearing the cheers of everyone on earth gives the heroes the boost they need, all set to Live & Learn.  The episode ends just like the game, with the heroes, Chris, Tanaka-san, and Eggman returning to Earth.  Sonic turns back to the window and and whispers "Adios/Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog."
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Just a little reminder about how Sonic games worked in the 90's, when it was pushing for Nature vs. Misused Technology.

10)  The Metropolis Zone - Sonic 2.  This zone is described as being Eggman's capital city on Westside Island.  One could say that it actually encompasses a greater area with Oil Ocean Zone and Genocide City Zone.  It is a massive factory crawling with some of the toughest Badniks and trickiest traps, lasting 3 acts, compared to the usual 2.

9)  Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic 1.  Located towards the peak of South Island is Eggman's original fortress.  It was here that Sonic first did battle with Eggman in his base, with a different background for each act.  In fact, Act 3 is really Labyrinth Zone Act 4.

8)  Mad Gear Zone - Sonic 4.  A spiritual successor to both Metropolis and Scrap Brain.

7)  Metallic Madness - Sonic CD.  The final set of levels from Sonic CD, and Eggman's Little Planet base.  Here, Eggman created Metal Sonic and had his means to conquer the Little Planet through Time Travel.

6)  Mecha Green Hill Zone - Sonic Chaos.  If you remember playing Sonic 2 on Master System, then you may recall that the middle Zone was the Green Hills Zone.  Well they're back but now Eggman has transformed the place into a metal wasteland.  Even the music has changed into a darker version of the Sonic CD opening theme mixed with Underground Zone.

5)  Final Egg - Sonic Adventure.  This is where Gamma's story begins and Sonic's ends.  It is Eggman's hidden base in the Mystic Ruins jungle.

4). Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park - Sonic Colors.  By the time the game kicks off, Eggman has already captured a few planets and converted them into a giant amusement park.  His main reason for doing so is to capture the wisps and use their Hyper-Go-On energy to enslave the populace.

3)  Launch Base Zone - Sonic 3.  The final Zone of the first act of the two games.  Eggman must have perverted Ancient Echidna grounds to make it his own launch pad for the Death Egg.  Knuckles later returns after the destruction of the Death Egg and encounters an Eggrobo.

2)  Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed.  The final area, combining the ideas if the previous two.  Eggmanland was Eggman's first amusement park of doom built on top of the final Temple of Gaia.  Even after Chip and Sonic heal the planet, it remains still, serving as a backdrop for the fights against Egg-Dragoon and Dark Gaia.

1)  Death Egg Mk. II - Sonic 4.  Eggman's latest iteration of his classic satellite.  Rather than just make it himself by launching both halves into space, he instead covered the entire Little Planet with its shell.  Its final fate is unknown due to the hiatus that Sonic 4 is in.
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And so it has come.  Japan has already reached the 27th of February, and that means that Pokémon is now 20 years old.  To celebrate the occasion, here is a list of my top 10 favorite Pokémon.

10)  #448 Lucario - Aura Pokémon - The Anubis of the national Pokédex.  Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type Pokémon who first appeared in the Red and Blue versions of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.  The most notable appearance of Lucario, other than Smash Bros. where he is Goku in all but name, is in the anime, as a Pokémon betrayed by his master.

9)  #052 Meowth/Nyarth - Scratch Cat Pokémon - Dat's right!  I of course am referring to the Meowth that accompanies Jessie and James of Team Rocket.  His story prior to joining the team is a bit sad.  He was in love with a female, but she kept turning him down.  So he decided to impress her by learning the human language.  This gave Meowth his signature Brooklyn accent.  Again he was down, this time out of disgust.  He eventually met up with Jessie and James and became a permanent member of Team Rocket.  Surrender now or prepare to fight.

8)  #006 Charizard/Lizardon - Flame Pokémon - For many players, the Kanto Fire/Flying-type starter was often the first Kanto starter full evolution that many of us clung to.  The most notable Charizard belongs to Ash.  A defining trait for him is his stubbornness, a trait that has become mellowed out.  I myself am a bit proud of the fact that I have the same height and weight as an average Charizard (5'07", 200 lbs.)

7)  #039 Jigglypuff/Purin - Balloon Pokémon - Isn't that some sort of marshmallow?  No, Snake.  Many people remember that Jiggly's signature move is Sing, putting opponents to sleep.  In Smash Bros, the amount of damage a fighter has, the longer they sleep.  In the anime, a specific Jigglypuff (a Shiny one) appears as a running gag character, getting teed off whenever her audience falls asleep, resorting to using a Sharpie hidden in her mic and drawing on their faces.  In retrospect, thanks to the new Fairy-type, Jugglypuff is now considered to be players' first Fairy-type Pokémon

6)  #385 Jirachi - Wish Pokémon - Awww.  The cutest wishmaker ever!  The Steel/Psychic-type tyke may be millennia old but it has the mindset of a newborn.  Jirachi has powers that can rival the DPP legendaries by granting 3 wishes to the person that it bonds with.

5)  #478 Froslass/Yukimenoko - Snow Land Pokémon - Thanks in part to :iconfrostythefroslass:, Froslass is the female exclusive evolution of Snorunt, based on the youkai known as Yuki-onna.  She is the only Ice/Ghost-type Pokémon, referring to the legend.  Froslass has also been part of a disturbing theory that upon the Snorunt's evolution into her, they effectively die.  :iconfrostythefroslass: meanwhile is a bit different than the usual yuki-onna, in that she enjoys a lot of kinky activities.

4)  #654 Braixen/Tairenar - Fox Pokémon - A lot of furries like Braixen's design for the first evolution of the Kalos Fire starter.  Braixen has a role to play in the anime, being the loyal companion of Serena ever since she had her as a Fennekin.  This connection was brought back into the XY games where a Fennekin named after Serena can be downloaded via a special code.

3)  #150 Mewtwo - Genetic Pokémon - I have a lot of memories of the original Legendary Pokémon, thanks in part to seeing the first movie when it came out in theaters.  Mewtwo's story is that he was the first contemporary man-made Pokémon (the title of first man-made now belongs to the newly revealed Magearna predating Mewtwo by centuries), created by Dr. Fuji (the same one that was looking after Cubone in Lavender Town) on Cinnabar Island.  Mewtwo was also part of an experiment that Fuji conducted to bring back his deceased daughter Amber to life.  The experiment failed and Ambertwo died.  Mewtwo eventually went on a rampage, destorying the lab.  Dr. Fuji's words on seeing the devastation created by Mewtwo have been immortalized on TVTropes' page for Gone Horribly Right.  "We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon... and we succeeded."  In the anime, Mewtwo is then hired by Giovanni before he leaves to create New Island, as part of the events of the first movie.  The movie Mewtwo's personality was eventually placed onto the Smash Bros. Mewtwo, as presented by the two versions of him sharing the same voice actor and having a dedicated event in Melee.

2)  #282 Gardevoir/Sirnight - Embrace Pokémon - Isn't it obvious by my dedicated folder?  I love the Psychic/Fairy-type.  This is partially because of the one in Mystery Dungeon's backstory.  A female Gardie was the one cursed by Ninetails in the stead of her trainer, who still received the curse becoming the Gengar leading Team Nasty.  Perhaps the most notable Gardies to appear are Diantha's Gardevoir, Wally's Gardevoir in the original Gen III Games (the remakes replace it with Gallade), and the one in Pokkén Tournament.

1)  #025 Pikachu - Mouse Pokémon - I can attest to the anime and Super Smash Bros. for Pikachu being my personal favorite.  The Electric-typ wasn't going to be the mascot of the franchise to begin with, due to the consideration of having Clefairy be the mascot.  But the anime had other plans, changing the role originally meant for Clefairy to Pikachu.  The original concept did appear in the anime in the episode "The Film's Riding on Camerupt," where he was voiced in English by Bella Hudson (using her Luffy voice), as part of a movie that Ash and Gary used to watch when they were younger (based on the manga, and amusingly Red has the same exact voice as Ash in English and Pikachu in Japanese).  Pikachu soon became one of the biggest Nintendo faces alongside Mario, Link, and Kirby.  Pikachu was even the first Smasher I played as when I rented the game from Blockbuster during Thanksgiving weekend of 1999.  Other than Ash/Red's Pikachu being the most well-known male Pikachu, Cosplay Pikachu has become the most well-known female Pikachu, even appearing in Pokkén Tournament as Pikachu Libre.  Pikachu has also been shown to have slimmed down a bit between the Second and Third Gen games, a trend that is still consistent to this day with the Smash Bros. Pikachu slimming down as well.  Veronica Taylor, the original voice of Ash, has gone on record to consider Pikachu has her favorite as well alongside Mew and Lapras.
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This is definately going to be controversial considering that it mainly requires the use of emulators, a taboo in the eyes of certain retro gamers.  But most retro gamers these days resort of emulation.  Without further ado:

10)  Sonic Megamix & The S Factor - Base game:  Sonic 1.  Both of these games take the original Sonic the Hedgehog and turn it into an all new esperience altogether.  I'm listing these two together due to a head-canon thanks to a future version of the S Factor being tied to menu themes based on characters who are also playable in Megamix.  In Megamix, the story goes that Eggman has decided to return to South Island after leaving it alone for years and restart the conquest he began there.  Sonic however is having nothing of that and brings with him his two best buds, Tails and Knuckles, Shadow, and his old friend Mighty to help liberate South Island from Eggman like in the days of old.

Since those five characters are also going to be made into playable characters in the S Factor, it is possible that upon leaving whereever they were before, Eggman Nega decided to take his chance by taking over one of Eggman's via time travel.  Chasing him through time travel is Silver ending up in Spectra Valley and encountering Sonia, Sonic's triplet sister, also determined to defeat Nega.  In a previous version of the game, and potentially in the next version, Scourge came along for the ride since he's got nothing better to do since he's boared out of his mind fighting Kintobor.  A potential update also throws Blaze into the mix from the Sol Dimention.  Both games give the characters their own distinct feel by allowing Sonic to play like a 2D version of Sonic Adventure 2.  Shadow allows for a more speed oriented gameplay with a double jump doubling as a homing attack.  Mighty plays similar to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.  Tails plays similar to how he does in Sonic Advance.  And Knuckles just plays exactly the same.  Sonia is not as fast as her brother, but she makes up for it in her top-spin attack.  Silver again gets to make use of his ESP and floating, making up for his slow pace.  Scourge plays exactly like Sonic in Megamix.

Megamix has two modes of play:  Normal and Original.  The Original mode is just the 1991 classic, but with the controls of the Normal game, allowing for you to play through the game as the other four heroes.  Speaking of...

9)  Tails/Knuckles/Super Sonic in Sonic 1.  The Tails hack allows for the player to go through Sonic 1 as their favorite kitsune on real Sega Hardware.  This has since become moot thanks to the smartphone versions of Sonic 1 making Tails an unlockable player.  The Knuckles hack meanwhile has been considered the "Holy Grail of ROM Hacking."  This hack was pulled off by Stealth, working around the pallette limitations of Sonic 1, at the same time importing Knuckles' abilities from Sonic & Knuckles using Sonic 2 as a base.  Stealth's hack was based on the legend of Knuckles in Sonic 1 being worked on while Sega was making Sonic & Knuckles, but having issues with the pallettes, leading to the endless Blue Sphere game.  Stealth later worked with Taxman on the smartphone versions of Sonic CD, 1, and 2, making this hack official Sega material.  Super Sonic in Sonic 1 hacked in the Super Transformation if the player was able to get the 6 Emeralds in the game, another idea added into the smartphone version.

8)  Sonc 2 Long version.  Ever wonder how Sonic 2 would have turned out with all of the cut zones intact?  Look no further.  In this hack, players can go through the cut Wood, Dust Hill, Hidden Palace, and Genocide City zones.  Of these zones, only the Hidden Palace ended up in the Taxman-Stealth version of Sonic 2 as Proto Palace Zone.  Genocide City has a lazy level design for both acts, being exactly the same.  The same goes for the Death Egg Zone Acts 1 & 2 being CPZ reskinned.  Act 3 is still the fights with Silver Sonic and the DE Robot.

7)  Sonic 2 XL.  This hack takes a spin on the concept of avoiding rings, in this case, turning the rings into onion rings and fattening Sonic up.  The fatness impares his abilities to run, jump, and spin.  Get too many and you die of a triple bypass.  Your only method of escaping obesity in this game is by burning off the fat or by hitting a ? monitor.

6)  Sonic 1 & 2, Sonic 2 Heroes, and Sonic Classic Heroes.  These three games make use of expanded memory allowing for play through the zones of Sonic 1 & Sonic 2 back to back, the ability for play as Team Sonic, or both with the added ability to play as Team Chaotix.  In order to play as Super Sonic in Sonic 1 & 2 and Classic Heroes, you need to complete all 13 Special Stages, getting the Chaos and Sol Emeralds.  There are plans later down the line to inclde Team Super/Hyper, Team Mini (the Competition mode sprites of Team Sonic), Team Glitch (Asura, Blue Knux, and Wechnia), SegaSonic (Sonic, Ray, and Mighty), Rose (Amy, Cream, and Tikal), and Generations (Classic, Modern, and Sonic Boom).

5) :icone-122-psi:'s Hacks.  Psi's hacks make use of adding new characters and gameplay abilities to Sonic 1-3K.  Most notably, he inserted Sally into the three games, slowing her down, but letting her use Nicole as a blaster, Sonic 2 Pink Edition, which along with the "Amy in" games replaces Sonic altogether and allows Amy to use her hammer and abilities from Sonic Advance.  The Pink Edition replaces Tails with Cream with her Sonic Advance 2 abilities, notably throwing Cheese.  The Chaotix even get a chance with their own abilities from the 32X game.  He even worked alongside Stella Hoshine and inserted her Mobian OC, Stella, into Sonic 1.  Also of note is Sonic 3 Cz which includes Amy as a playable character and allows Tails to be paired with Amy and Knuckles.

4)  Sonic 2: Sweet Relief/Strike Dash in Sonic 2 - Base game:  Sonic 2 on Master System.  Both of these hacks both change the experience of Sonic 2 on the Master System, one of the more beloved games in England.  Sweet Relief balances the game out by allowing for 10-ring monitors giving you an extra life if you have 90-99 rings on you, a 2-digit life counter, checkpoint monitors from Sonic 1 on the Master System, a 3-digit ring counter, and adding rings to the boss acts, denying one hit kills made to Sonic.  The Strike Dash hack allows for Sonic to perform the Strike Dash from Sonic CD and Sonic Chaos.

3)  An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack - Base game: Sonic 1.  This hack shows some potential despite being unfinished.  The gist of it is that you have 12.5 seconds per stage to explore it normally until you are warped to the realm of Sonic.EXE.  Sonic must find a special monitor to escape from Sonic.EXE or else the demon will kill him.  After the first escape from hell, all reentries will be random.

2)  Sonic 1 Color Contrast.  Dr. Eggman has somehow stolen almost all of the colors (and music) from South Island, and Sonic himself! It is now up to Sonic to return them to where they belong, and restore the island to its colorful musical self.  All stages begin in 50 shades of gray but finding monitors will return the colors to the stage.

1)  Sonic 3 Complete.  This is the most customizable version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, acting as a console cousin to Sonic & Knuckles Collection.  The website has a customizer so that you can change what music plays during the Ending and the Hidden Palace Zone, the graphics for Sonic, how he plays in Sonic 1 gameplay, what shields, what monitor style, monitor behavior, continues, Knux's main colors, the icon for the Flying Battery Zone, whether or not Big Arms is fought, and others.  The game however allows for the Masaru Setsumaru music from the PC version and Masato Nakamura's compositions from Sonic 1 & 2 to be used.  Pair the last option with the Sonic 2 or Sonic CD graphics for Sonic and now the hack becomes a beta restoration.

As of April, 2016, most of these hacks are now avaiable on the Steam Workshop to play on the Genesis and MD Hub
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On the opposite end of the spectrum of the initial journal, these are my personal Top 10 Males in the franchise.

10)  Eggman/Robotnik.  Whenever there is an interpretation of Sonic given to the media, chances are his archnemesis is bound to show up in any way, shape, or form, be he a charicature of Teddy Roosevelt, Milton Knight's cartoonish design, or the dreaded SatAM design.  He has come to the point where he can be compared to Pete from various Disney productions:  If Mickey appears in a Disney product, then chances are Pete is bound to appear in some way.  Adding to the various designs, Robotnik has had the most voices out of any character in the series:  In the 1993 arcade games and very recently following the Japanese dub of Sonic Boom, Eggman is voiced by Masaharu Satou.  In the AoStH pilot and in SatAM, Robotnik was voiced by voice-over legend Jim Cummings, in each case varying from comedic villain (ala Big Bad Pete and Fuzzy Lumpkins) to utterly evil (much like the Terror Mask and Nega Duck).  In AoStH proper, Robotnik was voiced instead by the late English blues singer "Long" John William Baldry, giving him a distinct almost musical tone, laced with trrrriling R's and the memetic "Snooping as usual, I see."  In the OVA, Eggman was voiced in Japanese by the late Kohei "Junpei" Takiguchi, while in English by Lord Zed himself, Edwin Neal.  When Sonic Underground aired, Robotnik was voiced by Gary Chalk, in an attempt to follow in Cummings' footsteps, essentially making him sound like Galvatron.  Meanwhile Sonic Adventure was released in Japan, giving Eggman a new voice in the form of the late Chikao Ohtsuka.  When released in English, Eggman was voiced by the late Deem Bristow, with the equally memetic lines of "Get a loada this!"  "No way!  I can't beleive this!" and "Yosh!"  Upon his passing in 2004, Eggman was voiced by Mike Pollock, who began voicing him in Sonic X in 2003 and is still voicing him to this day into the games and Sonic Boom.  As of Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympics, Eggman is now voiced byMotomu Kiyokawa in Japanese.  I guess Mike was right about what they say:  "The more the merrier!"  Eggman has also made it into the world of science with a gene inhibitor called Robotnikinin, which inibits the Sonic hedgehog gene.

9)  Big the Cat.  He was bound to appear at some point in these journals.  Before you get your riot gear, let me explain.  Big has been unfairly treated since 1998 as he represents many negative stereotyps of mentally handicapped people or obesity.  Well, so does Homer Simpson, but no one's complaining about him.  In actuallity, Big is actually a crouching moron, hidden baddass, not just referring to the fact that Duke Nukem himself, Jon St. John, voiced him (who ironically is the one person who hates Big the most).  If anything, Big is shown to be a master fisherman in his stages in Sonic Adventure, to the point where Sega has considered giving him a game centered around fishing (made possible with the homebrew game Big's Fishing Derby for Genesis).  So basically, his stages tell you to slow down, take it easy, and enter a very zen mood.  When his programmer found out about the negativity the recieved, he made sure that Big cameod in every stage in Sonic Adventure 2.  In Sonic Heroes, his badassery starts to shine as he has weaponized his fishing rod into a flail and bat.  It doesn't stop there.  In StC - Online, Big gets his own story where he is pursued by the Family, a mafia-like organization of Special Zone insects, where he gets to show his near-bullet-proof blubber, ninja-like reflexes, and amazing strength.  This was because Nigel Kitching originally wanted to build up Big's personality in StC proper after he was given a one-panel cameo in the Sonic Adventure arc, not just as a badass, but also similar to a Hayao Miyazaki character.  Egmont Fleetway had other plans, so the idea was never utilized until the online continuation.  It finally comes to a head in Sonic Chronicles where he and Omega are the only characters that have the immunity ability, although Big's is actually stronger.  He's called big for a reason.

8)  Mighty.  Oh how he has fallen.  Mighty only appeared in two games before being phased out by the time of Sonic Heroes.  Even worse still is his buddy Ray.  Sega has canonically retconned them to only appearing in SegaSonic Arcade, released in 1993 and only in Japan, despite plans for an oversea release, and retconning the Chaotix's first game together Knuckles Chaotix as non-canon, reintroducing the ectotherms of the game (Espio, Charmy, and Vector) in Sonic Heroes.  Mighty's retcon along with the reintroduction of Vector, Espio, and Charmy has created a bit of a paradox when regarding the fact that Espio also appeared in Sonic the Fighters, a game which is considered canon thanks to Fang, Bark, and Bean getting wanted posters in Sonic Generations.  Sega accidentally made a paradox as it now implies that Espio never fought in the Fighters tournament, yet the game states that the rocket needs 8 Emeralds to power it.  The media has taken Mighty in two different directions:  in StC, Nigel Kitching played with Mighty's name by indicating that he is the strongman of the Chaotix Crew.  The Archie Comics however depict Mighty based on his Japanese profile, a pacifist, but hates seeing the weaknesses in others.

7)  Silver.  It's no use to complain about him.  Sure his debut game is bad, but does that make him bad by association?  HELL NO.  Silver is essentially one of the more naïve characters in the series alongside Cream.  In fact, his whole arc in Sonic '06 is about him growing out of that shell.  It is possible that he grew out of that shell in Sonic Rivals 2 while working alongside Espio.  Silver's bad rep amongst the fans is infamous, relegating him to being the butt of many jokes.  Cut the kid some slack, why doncha?  He's been through a lot of shit thanks to either Iblis, Ifrit, or Eggman Nega, that he is on the verge of loosing his innocence.  This naïvety is brought up in StC - Online where Silver is now a GUN agent from 70 years into Mobius' future, growing up on tales of Tails saving Mobius from Robotnik, not knowing that those stories were all tales of Sonic saving Mobius from Robotnik, until Tails tells him up front.

6)  Fang the Sniper.  Fang was the third Trouble in Triple Trouble: an emerald theif from another dimension, wanting to sell the Chaos Emeralds on the Black Market, not knowing what their true purpose is.  Despite his Western name "Nack the Weasel" which was quickly phased out in Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic the Fighters, he is not a weasel:  he is actually half-wolf.  Adam Tuff, a higher-up in the Sonic community has listed Fang as his personal favorite character due to his fedora and airbike, "the Marvelous Queen".  Nigel Kitching introduced Nack into StC as a member of the Chaotix Crew, before he turned traitor having been working for the Brotherhood of Metallix the whole time.  He then became a recurring villain often working on his own accord or for Robotnik and/or Grimer, usually with size manipulating technology.  Nack's most well known role in the Archie Comic was in Mecha Madness where he is hired by Robotnik to KO Sonic and bring him to the Roboticizer.  This action is what set off the long continuous story that lasted until the Super Genesis Wave.

5)  Shadow.  The base-breaker in the series.  Shadow has gone on a rollercoaster of whether or not he is essential to the series or not.  This all started when he died at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, only to return in Sonic Heroes, some time later.  This sparked a flame war about the character, which got worse when he got his own game in Shadow the Hedgehog.  Sonic '06 started to show some potential, but since the game tanked, that has been swept under the rug.  Now it seems he only exists as a rival to Sonic.  Sonic Boom outright made him a villain as seen in both the game and the TV series, again only existing to challenge Sonic, for no reason other than to fight.  The only consolation to Shadow flamewars is how SuperVintendo64 portrays him in Ask the Sonic Heroes, and potentially in his timeline videos, as a comedic loner, who either comes in to help Sonic or to fight Eggman himself.  The only thing he needs now is that damn fourth Chaos Emerald.

4)  Tails.  The original Player 2.  Just when and how Sonic and Tails first met is often up in the air.  Some people say that they met just before the events of Sonic 1.  Others, including Lake Fepard, say that it occurred Before the Sequel.  In all forms of media, save for the ones in England, Tails is actually smarter than he looks, having made a robot, a submarine, the Tornado II, the Cyclone, and the Miles Electric.  In English media, Tails is portrayed as Sonic's younger brother, often turning to Sonic to help him understand things.  StC added to this little brother personality by making Tails into a hero in his own right by fighting the Goblin hordes of the Nameless Zone alongside Errol and Morraine Blackthorne and Knuckles, Nutzan Bolt at the Chemical Plant Zone alongside the flock, and various would-be tyrants following Robotnik's deposition.

3)  Vector.  The face of the Chaotix, and leader of the team.  Vector is tightfisted and very frifty, always looking for a paying detective job, including finding a computer room.  We don't actually know how he, Epsio, and Charmy got into an economic low point when they returned in Sonic Heroes.

2)  Knuckles.  Rad Red himself.  DiGi VALENTiNE of Who Dat, Zone Runners, and OCRemix once called Knuckles to be the gangstah-man of the franchise while on Radio Redux alongside :iconimagni: and AAUK.  Many people remember that Knuckles' main purpose in the game is to introduce the importance of the Chaos Emeralds to the world of Sonic thanks to the Master Emerald.  He was also made the second rival to Sonic after Sonic saved the Little Planet from Metal Sonic and Eggman in Sonic CD.  The importance of the rivalry became apparent in Triple Trouble for the Game Gear, when Eggman tricked him again.  That is a recurring trend with Knuckles: he is usually duped by Eggman, because he is very trusting of others, no matter what side they are on.  In recent games, his role has been downplayed to NPC, starting with Sonic Rush and Shadow the Hedgehog, to the point where he has only two lines in Lost World, which only harken to the old rivalry.  Sonic Boom made him into the comic relief character alongside Sticks, thanks to the weight of the ME being taken off his shoulders, which surprisingly works.

1)  Sonic.  'nuff said.
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Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Please note that this only applies to Male and Female relationships with the other sex, so no broships or crackships

10)  Sonic x Elise - Sonic '06.  Appearing only in this game, and rather infamously.  Sonic and Elise form a force romantic relationship as Sonic is trying to prevent Elise from crying, having learned about her connection with the Flames of Disaster and saving her from Robotnik numerous times throughout the game.  It comes to a head when Elise's kiss revives Sonic from death as Super Sonic.  Sonic Shorts managed to point out the two glaring flaws in this:  If Elise had just kissed Sonic, then she would have gotten rabies.  And then, there's the creepy fact that she either kissed an animal or a corpse.

9)  Shade x Knuckles - Sonic Chronicles.  A romance with plenty of potential, but was killed off, no thanks to Penderp.  Knuckles and Shade have a Stockholm sort of relationship as they originally begin as enemies.  But then Shade reveals that the Marauders/Nocturnus Clan are all echidnas, leaving Knuckles stupified; he had been living with the idea that he was the last echidna.  After the events that unfold on Angel Island, Shade joins Sonic's team and grows a relationship with Knuckles.  It comes to a head when the team storms Nocturne, as Knuckles and Shade lead their own faction while Sonic and Tails lead their own.

8)  Sonic x Shahra - SatSR.  This one is a bit of an improved version of the Sonic-Elise romance.  Throughout Sonic's travels through the Arabian Nights, Shahra grows more and more concered for the hedgehog, to the point where she takes a blow from Erazor meant for Sonic.  Sonic's first thoughts after becoming Darkspine Sonic are to make sure that her sacrifice was not in vain as he takes on Erazor's mutated form of Alf Layla Wa-Layla.  Upon using his three wishes on Erazor's lamp, his very first was to revive Shahra.  And then Sonic follows up sealing away Erazor with wishing for a mountain of hankies for Shahra.

7)  Sonic x Amy - The original relationship.  The relationship began in Sonic CD's backstory with Amy tracking Sonic via tarot cards to Never Lake, because she had possibly heard of Sonic's victory over Eggman during the events of the 1991 games and declared herself his #1 fangirl.  Then by Collision Chaos, Metal Sonic kidnaps her, giving Sonic another reason to fight Eggman.  The lyrics to "You're My Hero" in Sonic 3D are more about Amy's personal reflections of being rescued by her idol.  Starting in Sonic Adventure, she takes her initial rescue very seriously, as if it was an invitation to a date.  Then Sonic Heroes came about, and now Amy has become obsessed with marrying Sonic, to the point of Lisa Ortiz portraying her as a clingy-jealous-girl in Sonic X.  However when she is not being over the top, she does show actual compasion to Sonic, often protecting him from danger as seen in Gamma's story in Sonic Adventure, breaking him out of Prison Island in SA2, and protecting him from Silver in Sonic '06.  Rather humorously, Amy almost always manages to glomp the wrong hedgehog as seen in SA2 and '06.  She got it right in Unleashed, but mistook Sonic's werehog form for somebody else.

6)  Tekno and Shorty - StC.  In Shortfuse's initial story, he rescues Tekno from being converted into a Badnik.  As it turns out, Tekno used to work for Robotnik, but was fired for sabotage.  This started a long-lasting relationship with Tekno and the Cybernik, upon his defeating of Metamorphia.  It was Tekno who suggested that Shorty connect himself to the Plax machine during the Game Over story.  The relationship has started to go south in StC Online when the two of them ended up in a world without advanced technology.  Upon Set's death towards the end of the arc, it may be irrepairable as Tekno forced Shorty into his Cybernik armor and overrid his controls.  Now she's stuck as a Cybernik herself.  Shortfuse meanwhile has returned to helping Mobius fight against Robotnik's newest uprising.

5)  Sonic x Mina - Archie Pre-SGW.  This one started because Sonic began to think of Mina as girlfriend material.  This was heightend when Sally was kidnapped by Nack.  However, upon rescue, Sally admitted her feelings for Sonic, breaking the mongoose's heart.  But Sonic did indeed have feelings for her, and was concerned after Nack shot her.  She survived until the SGW.

4)  Shadow x Rouge - Games, Sonic X.  In this case, it's more like Rouge had a growing concern for Shadow while she was digging deeper and deeper into the Ark's data files.  The biggest factor in this was when Shadow saves her life before the Prison Island bombs go off.  Besides Sonic, she showed the most concern for what happened to Shadow after defeating the Final Hazard.

3)  Knuckles x Rouge - Games, Sonic X.  This is sort of a hybrid between what happened with Shade and with Shadow, only it was more about their hobbies with jewels.  This blossomed when Knuckles saved Rouge's life after their fight in Meteor Herd.  Thanks to Penderp, Rouge may be the only love choice that Knuckles has left.

2)  Tails x Cosmo - Sonic X.  Tails finally got lucky in the final season of the anime.  Both the kitsune and the Seedrian were both the same age when they met, having lost both of their worlds at the hands of the Metarex.  This didn't even stop while she was an unknowing spy for the Metarex, thanks to a chip that was in her head.  The final episode was when Tails was in a moral dilemma, should he let Cosmo live and risk everything, or should he kill her to help save the world.  He was forced to mercy kill her, but she was given another chance at life when Sonic dove into the Final Nova to find some vestige of Cosmo:  a white seed.  The final staff roll implies that the flower that is blooming in Tails' house is indeed Cosmo.

1)  Sonic x Sally - SatAM, AoStH, Archie.  A relationship older than that of Amy Rose.  Sonic and Sally both grew up together before Robotnik's coup, thanks to Jules and Chuck being good friends with the King.  Together they formed the Freedom Fighters in a bid to dethrone Robotnik.  After Sally regained her status as ruler, Sonic was caught in several love triangles, including ones with Mina, Fiona, and Amy.  When Sally was roboticized, Sonic was the most concerned since he loved her.  All of that changed with the SGW:  they are now just really good friends.
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Many people may remember that the Sonic 'verse has plenty of world leaders in its mythos.  Here are who I think are the top 10 are:

10)  The Duke of Soleana - Sonic '06.  If you remember from my journal about my top 10 villains, you may remember that the Duke experimented on Solaris.  He had reasons for wanting to experiment on the Flame of Hope:  he wanted to use its powers to travel through time and help erase mankind's past sins in hopes of bettering the world.  He also had personal reasons to do so:  he wanted to bring his wife back, having lost her some time after Elise was born.

9)  The President of the Land of the Sky - Sonic OVA.  Sera's father, living in the Presidential Palace, which looks like the US House of Congress.  In the first half of the movie, the President only appears in a few scenes as Eggman's hostage.  In the second half however, he becomes a more active player, by sending Tails, Knux, and Ojii-san to the North Pole to intercept Metal Sonic and Sonic.  Then his limo gets stuck in one of the ice bridges, threatening his life.  Metal Sonic is ultimately the one to save him.  Had there been an actual anime following this movie, then the President would have been more active.

8)  Pachacamac - Games, Comics, Sonic X.  We all remember how Sonic Team painted Pachacamac in Sonic Adventure and its adaptations.  He was driven mad by power, wanting to influence other nations around the Knuckles Clan capital.  Then he was killed by Chaos after awakening the god's wrath.  But there was a method to his madness according to Bioware:  the Nocturnus Clan, led by Ix.  It was a war over the Chaos Emeralds and a war of science vs. tribalism.

Nigel Kitching painted Pochacamac in a different light.  He and Tikal were gifted with the power of foresight, bringing Sonic from the present to their times in order to help them fight the Drakon Empire.  The war was over the Drakon's illegal use of the sacred Emerald mines and infusing them with Chaos energy, creating the Chaos Emeralds.  Among the bravest of warriors working for Pochacamac was Knuckles, lifetimes before he became the guardian of Angel Island.  It was Pochacamac who created the Gizoid and the idea of making Knuckles the guardian, making a deal with Vichama.

7)  Julian Robotnik - SatAM, Archie.  Robotnik held a tight grip over Mobius during the ten years after his initial coup de tat.  In the Archie comics, his rule was played for laughs much like his AoStH counterpart, only getting serious closer towards issue 18.  In SatAM, he was an absolute dictator, by forcing his master Naugus and King Maximillian Acorn into the Void.  His reign was finally ended by Sonic in issue 50.

6)  The President - Games, Sonic X, Archie.  This bit refers to two men called the President, both of whom also appearing in the era of 4Kids.  The first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, as Rouge's boss.  He made immediate response to Eggman's terrorist threat of the Eclipse Cannon.  His video conversation with Eggman was cut short by Sonic drafting himself into this mini-war against the Eggman Empire.  Cut content revealed that the President was to have more lines with the secretary during the ending.  In Shadow the Hedgehog, the President's role is similar to the one in Independence Day, leading the GUN soldiers under Abe Tower against the Black Arms and Eggman.  Sonic X features a different president, named Michael R. in the series.  He plays a similar role to the games President, but has more exposure thanks to the Archie comics.

5)  Shahryar - SatSR.  Okay, so really this is Eggman given the role of the Persian King from the 1001 Nights.  But it's interesting in that even though he looks like Eggman, he is anything but evil.  His first action against Erazor Djinn is implied to have been sending the guards after him, which ended with the king being stuffed into a pot.  To be perfectly honest, Shahryar doesn't do much in the way of advancing the plot, other than giving Sonic a reason to do to Dinosaur Jungle.  Then brilliance kicks in with the Arabian Nights in mind.  In the original story, Shahryar had an unfaithful wife which led to her execution and Shahryar becoming corrupt.  This eventually led to Scheherzade telling her stories to appease the king.

4)  King Maximillian Acorn - Archie, SatAM, Sonic Underground.  The former ruler of Mobius before Robotnik took over, and one of the few Tim Curry roles where he is a good guy.  King Max was part of a war against the Overlanders, a subspecies of humans, that were threatening Mobius.  The one solution he had in mind was to use an Overlander himself, Julian Kintobor, as discovered by Jules and Chuck.  Max had also learned about the void, Naugus, and the Deep Power stones, encoding them into NICOLE for his daughter to use in the future.  In the Archie comic, Max was corrupted by the void and became a dark knight.  Thankfully, it was Sonic who brought him back to his senses.  Before the SGW, Max's reign as king was abdicated to his son, Elias.  After the SGW, Max was made king of Mobius again.

3)  Queen Aleena - Sonic Underground.  See my Top 10 Females journal.

2)  The Black Knight - SatBK.  King Arthur, corrupted by the power of immortality.  In the stories, the scabbard of Excalibur would have been able to protect Arthur from harm, but it was lost to him thanks to Morgana.  In SatBK, the corrupted false king opened a portal to the Underworld allowing monsters to roam Camelot.

1)  Princess Sally Acorn - SatAM, Archie, AoStH.  The honorable mention for my Females journal.  Sally is Max's daughter and is the leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.  She along with Sonic are the two main protagonists of the comic and the animated series.  In recent years, Sally has become a base-breaker thanks to her roboticization prior to the SGW.  Things got bad when Eggman upgraded Mecha Sally.  And then the SGW happened and Sally was made back into her old chipmunk self again, with a Fighting Vipers inspired getup
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This title is a twofer, depending on how you read the title.  On one hand there are the Robots that appear in Sonic, while the other refers to the robots based on Sonic.

10)  Burnbot - Sonic Boom.  Everyone remembers this robot from the trailer and its name being a misnomer.  It doesn't do anything related to fire.  However, by the end of the first episode, Eggman actually installs a laser in it.

9)  Egg-Robo - games, comics.  A robot made in Eggman's likeness.  Perhaps the one most people remember is the one that rides in the Eggmobile in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.  His story begins when Sonic's ends.  He somehow survived the crash of the Death Egg, following a program given by Eggman after the events of the Hidden Palace Zone: eliminate Knuckles.  Then he flies to Knuckles' location, bombs him, and prompts the echidna to give chase.  He met his end by accident when Mecha Sonic attempted to kill Knuckles.

8)  E-100 α "ZERO" - Games, Sonic X, Archie.  The Chasemaster himself and the alpha prototype of the E-Series.  ZERO's most prominant role is during Amy's story in Sonic Adventure.  His mission:  Capture Lily.  This even follows after Eggman reveals Lily's secret: she has a Chaos Emerald.  This stubborness turns a heartwarming moment bittersweet, when he attacks Lily.  Amy gets pissed and trashes him.  In some fanfics, ZERO attacks Gamma after he defeats Beta, giving Amy all the more reason to fight back.

7)  E-101 β "Beta" - Games, Sonic X, Archie.  The true prototype of the E-Series.  Beta's main purpose in Sonic Adventure is to show just what Eggman does to robots he considers failures:  scrap metal.  In his upgraded form, Beta Mk. II is Gamma's final boss and upon destruction, Gamma follows suit with his own self-destruction.

6)  The SSSSS Squad - AoStH, Archie, Mean Bean Machine.  Three of Robotnik's loyal badniks from the first cartoon.  Coconuts was made first and claims to be Robotnik's favorite, despite being on the same level as Draco Centaurus, being demoted time and again to janitorial position.  Scrath and Grounder were made as an attempt to make the ultimate Sonic killers.  These three set the standards of Eggman having robotic companions.  In the Archie comic, Mammoth Mogul hired them to work at the Casino Night Zone, a position they kept after the Super Genesis Wave, only under servitude from Breezie, after she quit Eggman's services.

5)  Commander Brutus - StC.  Commander Brutus was one of the earliest examples of Sonic and Robotnik teaming up to fight a common foe, one of Robotnik's own designs.  Robotnik made Brutus out of Megatal, the same stuff as the Cybernik armor.  As an added measure of genius, Robotnik copied his mindset into Brutus, making Brutus into the ultimate Badnik.  This proved to work too good as Brutus began to concoct his own plots, eventually leading to him making an army of his own super Badniks, along with making Badniks out of Amy and Johnny (and Cedric).  Super Sonic was the only formidable foe for Brutus, tearing his arm off while he was using Amy as a meatshield.  Robotnik was ultimately the one who destroyed Brutus by dousing him in liquid nitrogen.

4)  E-123 Ω "Omega" - Games.  Eggman's final E-series robot.  Eggman made him to guard Shadow while studying him to create the Shadow Androids.  However, due to Neo Metal Sonic, he was deactivated in left in Shadow's chamber.  Rage began to boil in him, turning Omega into HK-47 in all but name.  Omega is one of the few characters from Sonic Heroes not to separate from his team.

3)  Gizoids - Games, Archie, Sonic X, StC.  In various appearances, the Gizoids were made as the ultimate fighting machines.  In StC Online, a prototype is activated by the Knuckles Clan to fight against Chaos, and is sealed away twice within the 8000 years between the initial war against the Drakon Empire and modern day Mobius.  Knuckles and Porker Lewis fought against it in recent issues of the comic.  The most well known Gizoid is Emerl.  Emerl was created by the Nocturnus clan and was good friends with the scribe Nestor.  It happened that Emerl was in possesion of the Chaos Emeralds and went on a rampage, triggering the Argus incident, pulling Nocturne into the Twilight Cage and leaving Emerl behind.

4000 years later, Gerald Robotnik finds Emerl on Angel Island and begins studying him along with the mural he found him by.  The studies on Emerl and the mural help kickstart the Ultimate Lifeform project.  However an accident occurred on board the ARK, and Emerl was sealed away.  While biding his time on Prison Island, Gerald encoded what he thought were Maria's final words in Emerl:  "Bring Hope to Humanity."

50 years later, Eggman finds Emerl and attempts to use him as the original weapon that Ix intended him to use.  Sonic found Emerl washed up on the beach and decided to present him to Tails to check him out because of a garbled message about showing power.  Shadow appears and warns Sonic not to let Eggman get the robot.  Thus Sonic Battle begins.  And it ends with Sonic mercifully trashing Emerl to save all life on earth in a matter of seconds.

The Gizoids returned in Sonic Chronicles led by the Nocturne Marauders.  Most memorable are the Prefects Scylla and Charibdis, both of whom carry a Chaos Emerald and are the second and third to last bosses in the game.

2)  E-102 γ "Gamma" - Games, Archie, Sonic X.  The first Eggman robot to turn against his master.  Gamma's programming changed when he witnessed his brothers Delta, Zeta, and Episolon teleported away by Eggman to be used as scrap metal, soon followed by seeing Beta's husk being mangled.  And then he frees Amy.  After the fall of the Egg Carrier, Gamma then decides to free the animals within the other E-Series robots ending with him fighting Beta in a mutual kill.

1)  Top 10 Robots based on Sonic.

And here is where the second meaning of this title comes in.  I decided to rank what I think are the top 10 robots based on Sonic.

10)  Silver Sonic - Sonic 2, Sonic Pocket Adventure.  For the first one seen in the games, he is very shoddily built, but still serving as the second to last boss in the game.  In the 8-bit version, Silver Sonic holds one of the Chaos Emeralds, but the other emeralds must be obtained before he is fought.  The model was finally retired in Sonic Pocket Adventure in the Aerobase Zone, as a carbon copy of the Genesis version.

9)  Pseudo Sonic - AoStH, Archie.  The first animated Sonic copy.  In his debut appearance, Robotnik makes a Badnik version of Sonic to sulley the hero's reputation, including bank robberies, vandalism, and endangerment of the Mobian Population.  Pseudo Sonic is nothing more than a mech piloted by a blackmailed rait named Lawrence.  When both he and Sonic are incapacitated by poison ivy, Tails pilots Pseudo Sonic.  Scrath and Grounder destroy Pseudo Sonic by accident.  In the Archie comics, Pseudo Sonic is instead the first of many Sonic Robots made by Robotnik, made to reveal the location of Knothole.  Sonic is incapacitated at the time by poison flowers, so Tails and Rotor take care of the robot.  He later appears on the Island of Misfit Badniks, in an equally matched fight against Sonic himself.

8)  Emperor Metallix - StC.  When I said that the Brotherhood of Metallix was based on the Dalek Empire, I wasn't kidding.  The Metallix Emperor is partially based on Davros while he was the Emperor, again a coincidence by Nigel Kitching.  His overall plot is to go back in time and take over Mobius by altering history to the point where Robotnik did not exist in the present.  This started by making a pirate copy of the Omni-viewer, distracting the Freedom Fighters by attacking the Miracle Planet, torturing Porker Lewis in the time that it took for the planet to vanish and reapper next.  And then once Sonic and the Chaotix return after saving Porker, Mobius is transformed.  The events that followed reveal that it was Sonic who was ultimately the one who turned Kintobor into Robotnik via time-travel.  With this deed done, Sonic and Robotnik defeat the renegades.

7)  Cyborg Sonic - Archie.  A one-shot character from issue 19.  Cyborg Sonic comes from an alternate timeline where Robotnik transformed the Freedom Fighters into cyborgs, ala the Terminator.  This turned out to be his undoing. Robotnik then roboticized himself and attacked.  Cyborg Sonic sought out Sonic on Mobius Prime, enlisting the aid of other alternate Sonics to help fight against Robo-Robotnik and his army of Shadow SWATbots.

6) Mecha Sonic Model No.29 - Sonic the Fighters.  Mecha Sonic Model No.29 is a bit of an oddity since while he looks like Metal Sonic, he is actually a copy made by Tails to survey the Death Egg II.  He is one of the few unplayable characters in the game along with Eggman and Metal Sonic proper.  Hacking into the game shows an alternate name "Rocket Metal" due to his ability to turn into a rocket, seen in the into.

5)  Zonik - Penguin Books.  Zonik, like Pseudo Sonic, was made to sulley Sonic's name.  Judging by the description of events in the book, Zonik may actually be a stand-in for Silver Sonic, albeit more "Sonic-shaped"

4)  Shard - Archie Comics pre-SGW.  Shard falls under the same category as Gamma and Omega, being an Eggman Robot that turned against him.  When he first appeared in issue 25 as Mecha Sonic, he played the same role as the original Metal Sonic, returning in the Chaotix special.  Eventually Shard was renamed as Metal Sonic and was outfitted with a blaster, and was sent out to fight Sonic again, sinking into the Mount Mobius magma.  But he was thankfully saved by Geoffrey St. John and nicknamed "Jack" before giving himself his own name, Shard.

3)  Mecha-Sonic - Archie.  Mecha-Sonic is our favorite hedgehog forcefully roboticized.  His most notable appearance was in the Mecha Madness storyline, which made the same decision as StC: making an ongoing story, other than a loose string of one-shots.  Robotnik used Mecha-Sonic to attack Knothole and the Freedom Fighters.  When he was about to reveal Knothole's location, Mecha Knuckles appeared and fought.  Unlike the hedgehog, the echidna had a Neuro-Overrider to keep his mind intact.  Sonic returned to normal by the end of the special.  But nearly 70 issues later, Mecha Sonic returned, this time roboticized by the Bem as part of an experiment, against a de-roboticized Eggman and Snively.  His last appearance was during Worlds Collide in an imagine spot by Eggman, once he and Wily perfect the Genesis Wave and rewrite history

2)  Mecha Sonic - Sonic 3 & Knuckles, StC, Sonic Adventure.  This is the one robot that Alvin Earthworm made famous in the original SMBZ series.  Mecha Sonic was made to replace Silver Sonic, and as such is more advanced being more powerful and much faster than his tin-plated counterpart.  Mecha Sonic's most well-known role in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is serving as Knuckles' final boss where he powers up with the Master Emerald, turning into Super Mecha Sonic.  In Sonic Adventure he mainly serves as an easter egg in the Final Egg area of the Mystic Ruins.

1)  Metal Sonic - Nearly everything bar Sonic X, AoStH, SatAM, and Underground.  The robot to top all robots.  Metal Sonic was the first and most successful robot made by Eggman based on his eternal rival.  In the classic games and Sonic 4, Metal Sonic served as Eggman's second in command, until he was thrashed at the end of Chaotix.  Then came the OVA where he was made using Sonic's DNA to help bring about the destruction of the Land of the Sky.  As they share the same DNA, anything Metal senses or hears, Sonic does too and viceversa.  Metal Sonic finally returned after a long hiatus in Sonic Heroes as the main antagonist.  Afterwards, he was reinstated as Eggman's Number 2.

In the Archie Comics, other than Shard, Metal Sonic was made a separate character from the original Genesis-era Metal (who became Shard).  His most notable role occured in the Worlds Collide storyline working alongside Bass from the Mega Man series.

StC's Metal Sonic was renamed Metallix the Metal Sonic.  The Sonic CD one was the first in a long line of Metallixes, along with Mecha Sonic from Sonic 3.  Mecha Sonic's appearance heralded the appearance of the Brotherhood of Metallix.

In Sonic Boom, Metal only appeared in one episode, stealing various object around Lost Island as well as Eggman's particle accelerator.  He also appeared in Rise of Lyric as a boss.
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Continuing from my last journal, here are what I think are some of the biggest deviations in the media based on Sonic.

10) Power Rings - SatAM, Archie, Sonic X.  In the games, rings are practically currency.  Not so much with these three continuities.  In the Archie and SatAM universes, Sonic gets his Power Rings from a magical pond located in Knothole.  The most that Sonic held was 5 in the final episode of SatAM, destroying the roboticizer, although he has nabbed at least a million rings in the comics.  In Sonic X, Tails keeps some power rings in a satchel, throwing them to Sonic to help him out.  In all three cases, the power rings give Sonic an extra burst of speed, or radiate energy.

9)  Mobius - All Western media.  Mobius is a particular case as it was created by accident by Yuji Naka when talking about the Möbius loops in the Emerald Hill Zone.  The media then decided to label "Mobius" as Sonic's home planet.  Archie, early plans for SatAM Season 3, and Sonic X have rectified this by revealing that Mobius is Earth, in some way, shape, or form.

8)  Eggman's lackies.  In AoStH, viewers were introduced to Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, three of Robotnik's Badniks.  This started a sort of trend in the media where Robotnik/Eggman always had at least 2 henchmen.  In Sonic Underground, Robotnik was flanked with Sleet and Dingo.  Sonic X followed up with Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun.  The idea went full circle starting in Sonic Unleashed with the robot "Ergo," before he was renamed in Sonic Colors as Orbot, and given a companion in Cubot.

7)  Kintobor - StC, Archie.  A remnant from the Sonic Bible, Dr.  Ovi Kintobor was the man who became Robotnik, at least in the Fleetway comic.  In Archie, Kintobor was Julian's original last name before he renamed himself as "Julian Robotnik of the House of Ivo" or simply "Ivo Robotnik."  Prior to the SGW, this was also Snively's last name, his full name being Collin Kintobor Jr., with other Kintobors being shown existing alongside Gerald and Maria Robotnik

6)  Inhibitor rings - Sonic X.  In the finale of Sonic X's SA2 storyline, Super Shadow's "bracelets" pop off of his gloves, followed by a burst of Chaos Energy that helps Super Sonic defeat the Final Hazard (all set to Live and Learn).  Those were inhibitor rings added by Gerald to help Shadow control his Chaos energy.  This was brought into the games in Sonic '06 when Shadow fights against Mephiles.

5)  Evil Super Sonic - StC, Archie.  In the Archie comic, Sonic is forced to fight a super powered version of his dark side.    This fight lasted for only one issue.  But in StC, it's a major plot point that Super Sonic is the Mr.  Hyde to Sonic's Dr.  Jekyll.  At first, Super Sonic was an unpredictable game changer, until the Running Wild storyline when Super Sonic was exposed to so much Chaos energy from the Emeralds, that he gained new abilities and went on a rampage, only to be pulled into the Special Zone.

4)  Evil albino echidnas - Archie, StC.  Dr.  Zachary in the Fleetway comic is the first example of an evil albino echidna scientist, appearing to torment Knuckles as he is one of the few remaining echidnas on Mobius.  Several years later, Ian Flynn added a new member/head to the Dark Legion, Dr.  Finetivus, another evil albino echidna scientist.  The games went full circle with Pir'Oth Ix.

3)  Sonic the asshole - StC.  This change in Sonic's behavior was a matter of preference by Nigel Kitching, who liked to expand upon the flawed aspects of his characters.  In the online continuation, this attitude begins to bite back thanks to Grimer supplying Percival Kane some dirt in a smear campaign.

2). Robotnik reigns supreme - StC, Archie, SatAM, Underground.  In each of these continuities, Sonic leads a band of freedom fighters to liberate Mobius from Robotnik's tyranny.  As part of his forces, Robotnik has an army of troopers/Swatbots.

1)  Roboticization - American media.  The biggest change due to the former.  No longer does Robotnik stuff woodland creatures into robots as organic batteries.  Rather he transforms them into robots to serve his will.  Several Robians have appeared throughout the comic and in SatAM, most notably Uncle Chuck, Jules (Sonic's father), Bunny DeCollette née Rabbot, and rather infamously Mecha Sally.